A “Magical” Moment in Time

After performing for numerous clients, I’ve reached a conclusion which is universal. We become “friends”. Now I don’t mean we’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner together. However, for that moment in time, they rely upon me to deliver the goods. As a friend would do, I don’t let them down.
As time goes by, perhaps the memory of me will fade. Unless they receive a souvenir they feel compelled to save. (Yes, it happens.)

I realize, I would not want to be on the “bad memory” side. That may last a lifetime. If you watch Judge Judy, you know what I mean. It’s usually in regard to a Wedding. It may be the florist, The Music provider, The Caterer etc. The one thing you will always here is “they ruined my entire Wedding.” OMG, yes, that feeling could last a lifetime.
For me, I’ll stay as a Good to Great memory. Even if I slowly fade away into the Sunset.

Joe Ferranti “One of the Best Strolling/Walk Around Magicians.”