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When you think of a magician at a birthday party, what comes to mind? A top hat? A cape? Of course…a rabbit! Close your eyes and imagine the noise, can you hear it? Yes, children screaming, usually because they see something the magician “can’t see.” As soon as the magician turns around to see what the children are screaming about, “it” goes out of sight. When the magician turns back to the children, the “gremlin” returns and the screaming resumes. This continues ad nauseam, as children never tire of such “humor”.

This is great, if you are a kid or if you are throwing a party for your own child.

Unfortunately, this is where most stop thinking, but what about adults? They wouldn’t be interested in a magician at their birthday party? Of course, they would…remember not to stop thinking.

Boston Massachusetts’ Best Adult Birthday Magician

Imagine again, a birthday show designed for adults. Mix a little magic with a little comedy and you’ve got the perfect combination for the adult birthday girl or boy. And, if you’ve hired the Magic of Joe Ferranti, the birthday recipient will be thrilled with Joe’s exclusive Birthday Card Trick. Joe’s signature effect leaves the guest of honor with a memento they are sure to keep and a birthday memory like no other.

Word of mouth has brought us many Birthday party jobs as friends tell friends of the “Birthday Card Trick.” We are confident you will spread the word as well.

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Of course, Birthday parties are only one part of the entertainment we provide. Some others that come to mind are Wedding Cocktail hours, Corporate Cocktail Hours, Company Holiday Parties, Private Holiday Parties, Anniversaries…you get the idea.

Our mission is to bring magic entertainment to every type of adult function imaginable, and we can do that… if you “don’t stop thinking.”

Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti
Massachusetts Close-Up Magician

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The Birthday Card Trick

The Birthday Card Trick

Adult Birthday Magician Boston Massachusetts

When performing for adult Birthday parties, I always begin with my Birthday Card Trick.

This sets the tone for the party, whether it be a Strolling Gig or a Parlor Show. The guests know immediately they are in for a good time with plenty of laughter.

Lay people don’t care, but for magicians, I perform this trick in two different manners. As a magician, you have obviously had your audience react loudly with…” No Way…No Way!”, as they anticipate the ending but clearly feel it is impossible. This is a powerful moment.

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However, as a personal challenge, I thought, how can I perform this effect, and hide that anticipatory moment. you can see that in the video.

It is not difficult to do, it is just a choice. I frame the effect so the spectator feels they have seen the trick. In magician’s terms, it’s a Triumph Effect, at its climax they think the trick is done.
So when I go to my wallet, they are remembering back to my introduction, when I told them I have brought them a Birthday Card.

When I bring out my wallet, unzip and remove the envelope, I do point out that it is entirely sealed. Next, I tear the end of the envelope and remove a card, which has a Happy birthday greeting on it with their name. You can see the only reaction is to say thank you. In this instance, the spectator said, “That’s sweet.”
Best Boston Magician

I eventually use a gag, to encourage them to turn the card over, and they are totally surprised to see their signature on the card they selected.

Which ending is better? I don’t know, probably the one with everyone yelling “No Way!”, but it’s good to know I have control over the situation.

The Close-Up Magic of Joe Ferranti

Best Birthday Magicians in Massachusetts

Strolling Magic

Strolling Boston Magician

Many people don’t know one form of magic from another. That’s O.K. It’s not their fault. Most have a stereotype of what a magician is and does. Some think we are childish and are only entertainment for Children’s Birthday Parties. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
I do perform Birthday parties in Boston and its surrounding suburbs, but for adults.

I have one specialty which goes by many names. Strolling Magic, Walk Around Magic, Mix”n Mingle, Close Up Magic. If you know other names or something comes to mind send it to me

Birthday Magician Boston Ma.

The Strolling Magician does not perform a formal show. I mean you wouldn’t set up chairs and have your guests seated to watch a 45-minute show. ( Although you may be interested in a formal close-up show.)
There are unlimited venues where you may utilize a Strolling Magician. These are listed on my services page.
In short, The Magician makes his way through the event entertaining groups of people. It is not unusual to hear loud clapping, laughing, and cheering. It truly is a good time for everyone involved. No doubt, you will have people approach you and tell you they have never seen a Magician as good as you in their life. ( A wise Magician advises, not to get a fat head!) It’s really quite simple. Most people have never experienced the talents of a professional Magician. If they do again, he will be their “New Best Magician ever.” That’s why you don’t have to order a new hat size.

Comedy Magician Mass.

More often than not, you will be everybody’s new best friend. I’m not sure what that says about my needs for having my ego stroked.
Make no mistake, whether it be Boston or Worcester, no one will put more heart into their Mingling show than Joe Ferranti.
It would be my pleasure to entertain your guests for any occasion. They will thank you. That is a guarantee.

Close-Up Magic Vs. Stage Magic

Update 2018…the Evolution


              Boston, MA – Magician

I’ve only been at this game for a little over seven years, but early on I realized that there would be a constant evolution in performing and a slow one with my repertoire.

When working for the only people that count, the search for the latest and the greatest gets placed on the back burner. If you don’t already have at least a handful of “Killer Material”, you won’t be working very long.

Two [tricks/effects] which have been with me, pretty much from the beginning are “51 Cards to Pocket” (David Williamson) and, “A Familiar Ring. (Paul Gertner) These two pieces are the focus of this blog.

Massachusetts Close-Up Magician

First, there are many variations on 51 cards to pocket. I learned one from Matthew Dowden’s DVDs, “Party Animal” This has served me well, and I only adjusted it within the last three months. You see, I ended the routine with a production of the card from my wallet. It always got great reactions, but I already have a few routines in my repertoire where a card is produced from my wallet. Suffice to say, it’s not wise to use them all with the same crowd. So, I’ve owned the Omni Deck for a long time, and I never found the routine that seemed right for me, even though there are many to choose from.

You know where this is going, of course. Instead of producing the deck, little by little from my pocket, I remove the Omni deck, with the selection on top. I have the spectator cover the “deck” and the cover card, which is the selection, and to my surprise, when I fished around inside the spectator’s hands and removed the selection, this got a big reaction, seriously…lots of applause. (I didn’t see this coming, as to me, it appeared obvious the selection was on the top of the “deck”. Not so! But wait! There’s still more…and of course, the spectator is unknowingly holding the “Omni Deck.” See the reactions in the video.

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The other piece is Paul Gertner’s brilliant routine. What can I say; it plays so well, you’ve got the emotional hook of a borrowed ring. (Usually a man’s wedding ring.) There’s so much built-in humor, and as most of us know, we are not comedians, but magic brings out a lot of laughter.

So what’s the problem? Finding a ring to borrow…there is not always one available. I never use a woman’s ring with any type of stone or diamond. I’ve heard the nightmare stories, and I won’t be adding a story of my own.

So here’s the thing with men and their rings…some men have put on a few pounds since their wedding, and that ring is not going to come off without a saw. Other men will Never! Take their ring off…that’s O.K. I get it; they see it as a minor betrayal to their wife. So as you can see, sometimes I had to leave the coins to the spectator’s hands out of my repertoire, but I wanted to have one available.

One day, I was watching Craig Petty on YouTube, and he was performing a Three coin version for a crowd of people, and not only did the three coins “fly invisibly” to the spectator’s hand(s) they proceeded to vanish one at a time with a finale of “The Flurry” (David Roth) with the production of a Jumbo Coin. (Craig produces a second Jumbo Coin, even larger than the first).

Now, certain parts of this routine could be problematic, but Craig’s brilliant structuring solves any problems that could arise…see the results in the video. I’ve been using this lot…and every now and then, I perform something special for a couple who are willing to loan me a ring.