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Graduation Party entertainment – Get Magic

June 6th, 2021…graduation and celebration for the Senior Class of Newburyport High School.
In May, I performed for the Billerica Memorial High School Graduating Class. Although I was fully vaccinated, the students were not. Following safety protocols, I performed with a mask as well as the graduating class. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all. We made the best of what we had, still not out of the pandemic.

Jump forward to June 6th, the entire graduating class on Newburyport High School has been vaccinated and we picked up where we left off pre-pandemic. No holds barred, Close Up Magic performed as it is meant to be performed, “Close Up and Personal.” The kids, 17 and 18 years old loved it. I mean kids compared to me, the young men and women are heading off to college at the end of the summer, and they’ll be attending classes in person. The graduates caught a “break” after the seemingly endless life with restrictions.

Of course, we will all go through many challenges as the return to “normal” is not going to happen overnight.
Good Luck to you all, it was a pleasure to meet and spend a few minutes entertaining you with magic.
Joe Ferranti

Update 9-18-21

The return to normalcy was short-lived. We have stalled at 54% vaccination. Certainly short of slowing the spread, or variants of this virus. We are booked into December for holiday parties. Money has been spent securing venues, let us hope we can gather together to continue the celebrations.

Boston Ma. Close Up/Strolling Magician

Certified Professional Magician

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti entertaining with magic.

Graduation parties are a small part of the total entertainment package you will find from The Magic of Joe Ferranti. We are available to help you celebrate all the milestones through life. Contact us for Birthdays, cocktail parties, Holiday Parties, Christmas, New Year. Magic entertainment is only limited by your imagination. Where ever people gather is a good time to have magic on the menu.

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A Rare Performance During the Pandemic

 Boston’s Best Adult Birthday Magician

Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710



So, here we are… February first. 2021. The pandemic is still a menace to the globe. I, like many other entertainers, am “running in the red.” It’s been a year without income, it will be the first time in years that I will not be sending a large check to the IRS in April. my expenses, even with serious cuts, far outweigh the miniscule income. But don’t feel bad for me. My retirement income, along with my wife’s, keeps a roof over our head with enough left for food.

Currently, two vaccines have received approval, with at least a couple more approaching on the horizon. I can hardly contain myself, but I must wait for my “turn”. You can see in the picture, I am using two masks. We are not really sure if this is beneficial. I come from the “more is better” school of thinking.
Last week, I received a request for an adult birthday performance. My response was to the point and succinct. “I perform with a mask and follow all guidelines of the State of Massachusetts.” the client assured me they take this virus seriously, and the number of guests would be below the limit. So we proceeded forward.
On January 31’st we were in the crosshairs of a Nor’ Easter, a major stumbling block for driving. This party was in jeopardy. The client contacted me and asked if it would be better to start early… I said, “yes, yes, yes!”
Honestly, the driving was not good… I took the back roads and drove slowly. I made it there with only two minor skids.
What a pleasure to perform. It has been so long. I don’t think the rust showed. We all had a good time, and I headed home. This time only one minor skid. I got in the door to the delight of my wife and dog.
I got changed out of my suit and relaxed in front of the TV. About an hour after I got home, the phone rings…guess who? It was Mike, the client. He was checking in to make sure I made it home safe. Wow, what a wonderful human being. They are still out there. Thanks Mike, you made my day. (Thank you for your more than generous tip as well.) I believe we will meet again.
Joe Ferranti
What will you say about The Magic of Joe Ferranti?
audience are looking at cards, not cell phones.

          The Miracle Finale performed by Massachusetts’ Magician Joe Ferranti

Wedding Magician Massachusetts

Wedding Magician New England – 339-927-4710

New Meaning…The Masked Magician

Do a Google search…for “masked magician”, I’m quite sure you won’t find me in the results. Yet there I was on September 6th, 2020, providing entertainment at a wedding reception at the Inn at Woodstock Hill in Connecticut. Wearing a Mask!

Of course, you know where this is going, and I don’t mean to “make light” of the global pandemic. But this is where we are. We still celebrate life’s important occasions; some weddings have been postponed and others go on with some changes.

The Bride was making preparations many months ago and I was contacted for availability…availability? Oh yes, at that time my calendar was empty, and I was happy to get on board.

As a vendor I always want my clients to be stress-free when working with me, especially at weddings. Look up stress and you’ll find a picture of a bride. It is by nature a beautiful day, with potential stress points laid out like landmines.

Boston Massachusetts’ Finest Wedding Magician

I was working with a lovely young woman, and I didn’t want to add any stress. Knowing the future was uncertain I let her know, that she should feel free to cancel my service at any time, with no penalty and no explanations necessary. At the time of hire, no one had any idea of what size gathering would be permissible at an indoor facility months down the road.

So, we kept in touch as time passed, and we never needed to change anything.

I arrived and was supplied with a very nice mask/ face covering, as all the guests were.

My job was to entertain during the cocktail hour, and as usual, I shared a special effect with the Bride and Groom, which they enjoyed while being surrounded by their guests.

Wedding Entertainment Boston Mass.

The Cocktail period continued in the dining area and the guests enjoyed some hors d’oeuvres along with their cocktails…of course, they were able to remove their masks at this time.

Honestly, I never thought I would/could entertain while wearing a face-covering…I am so glad to say I was wrong. Everything proceeded well, the guests enjoyed the magic, and I had the opportunity to finish with a few more pieces for the Bride and Groom.

I know many magicians are testing the waters with “virtual entertainment” …That’s not for me.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a performance by “The Masked Magician.”

Stay Safe,                                                                                                                          Joe Ferranti

picture of Bride and Groom

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Waiting to return…

Joe Ferranti Strolling Magician in Massachusetts

Mass. Covid information

It’s been a couple of months since my last performance. I miss the live interactions with clients.

Honestly…it seems I may never return to my “work.” I may never shake another hand, or experience the mere casual touches which make up respectful human interactions.

I have cancelled accounts which help with contacting potential clients. (Gig this or Gig that…) Their fees cost a substantial amount of money, but there was a return for having listings beyond my website. No one is contacting me for events that can’t take place.

If I ever return, I hope you shop locally. That means, take the time to search out magicians and visit our web sites. Of course, price shop, compare experience, check the reviews…see some videos. (The videos tell the actual story)

As I write this, I see a wedding my wife and I were to attend in July. They have postponed their wedding … I guess the Bride and groom want “real” guests present, not virtual ones.

When you feel safe, call me or contact ferrantimagic.com

Hoping we meet soon.

All Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti
Close Up Strolling Magician
spectators at a table enjoying Boston Close Up Magician Joe Ferranti

Adults love Magic…many just don’t know it yet.

Walk Around/Strolling Magician Massachusetts

I have had the pleasure to work many cocktail events for private parties and large corporate events. I have performed for more people than I can remember.
what I have learned is that the large majority have never seen a professional magician, other than on television.

Being the first magician that people see is a special opportunity. Many have only seen an uncle or friend perform a self-working card trick, dealing endless piles of cards and just before you are ready to fall asleep, they find your card. (sometimes)

Yes, we know why many of you are reluctant to welcome us into your circle for even a few moments. But if I do my job right, it only takes a few seconds and I know you will want to see more. These are not your grandfather’s magic tricks.

See for yourself


Close-Up Magic Boston

See the reactions your guests will have, laughter and amazement as they have never witnessed. Often happening in their own hands.

Working with everyday objects elevates the impossibility of magic. No trick boxes or gimmicky props. We use playing cards, coins, rubber bands, dollar bills. I even borrow items from audience members. (of course I return them unharmed.)

Even those reluctant to take part, see the playfulness and gladly join in to “play the game.” Bringing the Magic of Joe Ferranti to your event is one of the best decisions you can make.

The Performance of Magic


Rhythm Off/Out of Sync

Greater Boston Area Magician

Mass. Magician Joe Ferranti displays spectator's ring on Key Fob

Joe Ferranti www.ferrantimagic.com 339-927-4710

It is easy to relay stories of our successful, over-the-top “shows” … everything goes right, the reactions, applause, shouts of NFW tell the story. But…now and then I don’t quite get my footing. I never quite reach my comfort zone. Searching for a reason requires honest reflection.

Please understand, I am not talking about a “failed” performance. In fact, my audience was not aware that I was not on my “A-game”. (See review at the end.)

What went wrong? Well, I will go over the evening in my head, over and over… it’s not what went wrong. Maybe it comes down to the personal connection or, in this case, the slightly off-target personal connection. I feel I missed the Bull’s eye. Everything is a maybe?

Boston’s Best Strolling Magician

So, I reflect, what’s going on in my personal life…hmmm? I am working on some family matters that require a lot of my attention. (Don’t worry, my marriage is fine…I’m on a solid foundation.) Maybe, just maybe, this is a small part. There are so many pieces that make up a puzzle, I might never quite figure this out. However, I owe it to myself, and future audiences… to analyze everything to ensure I give my very best every time I entertain.

Reflecting and analyzing to bring The Very Best in Strolling/Walk Around Magic to all my clients.

Here’s the review…

“Joe entertained at our company party and was wonderful! He arrived early, left late, and our guests really enjoyed his magic! The CEO of our company actually just came into my office, saying how great Joe was. He was professional and fun – he worked the room like a champ. I definitely recommend Joe for your gathering.”

Assessing your own work, honestly.

Two, Three minutes…Maybe five!

Boston Strolling Magician

I have a brief time to entertain a small group of people before I must move on to the next group. No time to spare, right? Right!

While others debate whether “Magic” is an art… or they want to make their audience feel the “awe” and experience wonder as if they were a child again. All lofty and worthy goals, but at my age and the type of Magic I perform, I have cut corners to simplify my work.

Magic as art?

I have seen the magician who’s work is art. (Names are not important.) But they will never consider my name for the title “artist” and that’s O.K. because I will never deserve such a title. I will never strive to bring you the feeling of childlike wonder, as that’s a tall order.

I will also not try to take you away from the problems of your day. There are better methods than that of a brief encounter with a Close Up Magician.

If you want to send someone back to another time, the quickest way to arouse that feeling is with music. We’ve all had that moment when we hear an old song and we recall the joy or pain that is triggered, and attached to an emotion we weren’t having a moment before. If you need to get away from the daily grind, perhaps meditation, or Yoga, and even better if you can afford it, a vacation at the ocean.

I will tell you, there are magicians who achieve all these things, but my experience tells me you will see this on a stage, where they have all your attention and the time to create their personal fantasy to take you…. on their journey.

I’m just saying I can’t do that in three minutes. My goal is simple, ensure you have fun and treat you with respect. I want you to smile, perhaps laugh or scream. And finally, if I can get you to remember me, perhaps my name as well, mission accomplished.

I chose the life of the strolling magician, court jester perhaps. The rewards? Try it out. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Joe Ferranti

Walk Around/Strolling Magician in Massachusetts

Don’t Try This at Home…or Worse, Don’t Try this With Paying Clients!

Jazz Magic?

Think of the Jazz musician… now think of the Jazz Magician, hmmm? That’s what I’d like to do!… maybe not?

I have many magic friends on social media. They kindly share their experiences in the performance arena. Just recently, a more than capable performer (Top Professional) told how he had improvised a performance with a borrowed deck of cards. He was not bragging, just telling what resulted in a non-prepped performance. Another well-respected pro commented that this is the only way he performs.

The Magic of Joe Ferranti Mass. Wedding Magician

The success of some of the best of the best, when they borrow a pack of cards, they don’t know what they are going to do, so they improvise, jazz it, make it up on the spot. And they kill their audience. I believe them; I have seen a few. But they didn’t just fall off the turnip truck!

Why does this bother me? Because I’ve seen the results of “Magicians” who fancy themselves capable of “Jazzing”, when they are clearly not. I wish those capable of Jazzing would give a warning, “this performance is by a trained professional, this is very dangerous… do not attempt this in your performances.”

Walk Around/Strolling Magic Massachusetts

My caution will fall upon deaf ears. The cocky magician does not want to put in the work; he just goes out and “astounds the masses”. (Yeah… right!) Not the ones I’ve seen! They stumble on their words; they do not know when the time is right to do the “Move/Sleight”.

Our routines/tricks need structure. It’s your choice if you remember every word, despite what the Lazy ones say. This can sound fresh during every performance. It damn well sounds better than not having a clue. At the very least, have a basic framework.

As I said, I have heard the success of Magicians I respect, who can succeed in this type of performance, but here’s what you should know before you go out on the High Wire.

These pros have spent uncountable hours practicing. They work uncountable hours in performance situations. They have encountered things you cannot even imagine.

I’m sure some will accuse me of being a robotic performer, no not at all. I consider myself well-rehearsed and even so, there are times we I have to go off script. It’s just the reality of Strolling Magic. Sometimes performing a “Think of a Card” trick, a suitable ending may vary… it just happens. So, maybe Mercury Fold??? Card under watch???… card in Altoid tin???… Please, just don’t be lazy.

Toibox Jonathan Kamm

Boston Walk around /Strolling Magician www.ferrantimagic.com 339-927-4710

Some thoughts on the card to wallet:

The Birthday Card Trick

A Birthday Card "Happy Birthday"

For several years, I have performed Jim Swain’s Air Mail Card for all my adult birthday shows. Since I required a method that did not require a table, I was lucky to discover a method by Shaun Robison. 

I am sharing the contrasting reactions I got in the past, compared to my present reactions. Now, I have invariably received great reactions. That’s not what I am addressing… just the contrast.

Magic for Adults Boston Mass.

I used to prepare the effect by writing Happy Birthday, with their name on the back of a ” blank back card.” In case you don’t know the routine, the spectator selects a card. Next, they sign their name on the face of their card. The effect continues into a “triumph” routine, with their signed selection being the only face-up card in a face-down deck. 

I then explain that I have brought them a card for their birthday, and as you would expect, in the zipped compartment of the wallet is a card with Happy Birthday [name] on the back. At this moment, I handed the card to the spectator… and more often than not; they expect that this is their signed selection. This is a shocking moment, but it is what they expected. I usually got the reaction of “No #^*N Way!” This is great. I had no complaints.

Close-Up Magician Boston Mass.

As years went on, I started printing Happy Birthday Balloons on a blank backed card. Resulting in a “more unique Memento.” I feel this is more “professional” I now have them custom printed and you can see the back of the card in the picture above.

The next progression was to have the signed card in a sealed envelope. Years earlier, I remember Jean Jacques Sanvert, on his L&L DVD set… saying that the sealed envelope was a stronger effect. So I gave it a shot. Of course, Mr. Sanvert knows of what he speaks… my reactions went up a couple of notches.

I had no particular expectation with my altered presentation… the reactions were already over the top, but I got a surprise. The words and presentation I use now, changed the final denouement. I designed this approach for my amusement. To show myself how I could control the “moment of magic.”

Surprise your guest with the Magic of Joe Ferranti

Now I’m not saying the reaction is “better”, what I am saying is this has changed “the moment” in a big way. As usual, I tell the spectator I have a birthday card for them, before I start the trick. So now they feel the trick has ended when they see their signed card as the only face-up card in the face-down deck.

 Now, I remind them I have a birthday card for them… I remove the envelope from the zippered compartment in my wallet. Tear it open and hand them their birthday card. This gets a moment of silence… I believe they are thinking, “this is nice… some Happy Birthday Balloons on a card.” So far, no one has turned the card over in expectation of seeing their signature. I have to give a little prompt, and when they do…” Boom!” Personally, I enjoy this a little more. Either way, I am sure the client is happy. See for yourself. Here is a clip showing the reaction.

The Very Best in Close-Up Magic in Massachusetts.

This is your day…A day with memories that will last a lifetime.

The Wedding Magician Boston Massachusetts

No matter your budget, you have likely spent more money than you expected. It is difficult to compromise on a celebration as important as “your Wedding Day.”

Why do I suggest hiring a Close up/Strolling Magician for your special day… and why you won’t regret it.

Having a Magician at your Wedding.

First, this is a gift to your guests… yes; you will hear from your guests how much they enjoyed the entertainment. In fact, I sometimes tell this to your guests. Magic entertainers are “new” to most people…in their enthusiasm; some feel the need to tip the Magician. Although this is a kind and generous offer, I know other groups are watching. If people see me taking money from guests, they may mistakenly think that I am working for tips. I do not want anyone to feel an obligation or feel I am soliciting donations.

Tipping entertainers

Tipping is a sensitive area, so I tread carefully. It is also possible to insult someone if you harshly turn them down. If the Newly Weds see me taking money from their guests, they may think that I’m encouraging the compensation.

Here is how I handle this situation: “Thank you very much, however, the entertainment is a gift from Dick and Jane to their guests.” In this manner, they understand that the Bride and groom have hired me to provide entertainment, and they have paid me for my services.

Cocktail Magician Boston Massachusetts

Speaking of the cocktail hour, it is often a little awkward with many people who have not met… the Close Up Magician can get strangers interacting with each other, and often continue their conversation after I have moved on.

Your Wedding is not a cookie cutter wedding. Most weddings follow a formula. If you’ve been to several, many will seem much alike, and they blend in as a monotone memory.

Your Wedding will stand out… to borrow a phrase from my fellow magicians. “We will elevate your event to the next level.”
I certainly think that is enough reason to invite me to your wedding. I will not disappoint you… that is a promise.

Joe Ferranti Boston Magician