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Do You Need an Award Winning Magician ?

Magic Awards are not all equal…here’s a good one.

Magic Award The Best in Magic Entertainment

Boy, that sounds great! Wish I could put that on my website. I suppose I could, but I never won an award. So you’re looking at two web sites. One says award winning Magician. The other doesn’t. Which one would you hire? OMG, I lose another job. Well, since I don’t have any awards, I hope you would look a little deeper.

Awards are not all equal

Magic clubs give out many awards for reasons other than the magician’s ability to entertain. All awards to not equate excellence in performance.

If you see winner of F.I.S.M., Close Up Magician of the year at the Magic Castle, Winner of IBM, competition,… well, those are credible, and show a talented magician. If it just says award winning Magician, take the claim with a grain of salt. Magic clubs give awards for many worthy deeds and accomplishments which have no relationship with talent. Few guarantee excellence for your event.

TV appearances

Here we have total credibility, you can rely, as a general rule, when a magician has appeared on Penn and Teller Fool Us, or AGT, Ellen, etc. These are great endorsements equal to any award.

Meaningful Awards

 There are legitimate awards, and the winners have earned the bragging rights. These guys and girls work very hard putting together new and novel routines. They earn the right to wear the badge with honor.

Jealousy among magicians.

If you are outside the field of magic, you may not know that jealousy is a serious problem amongst magicians. I hope I didn’t come across that way. Magicians should support each other, speak well of your fellow magicians.

I just never won an award. I got a pin for my jury duty service. It looks important. I’ll put it on my lapel. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Joe Ferranti

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