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My First Live Magic Performance Since Covid Shut Down.

Walk Around Massachusetts’ Magician Joe Ferranti

Mass Magician Joe Ferranti performing at a graduation celebration The Best in Magic Entertainment
                     Magic can be funny.

It’s not exactly breaking news that the entertainment industry has predominantly come to a halt. I do not know how those who rely 100% on their income providing entertainment are surviving.

I used to receive multiple inquiries for work each week… more than enough to keep me busy during my retirement years. A few months ago, that stopped. It had to corona virus was spreading out of control. I had never seen refrigerator trucks parked outside of hospitals to hold the bodies.

Recently I received an inquiry for an event in Rhode Island with attendance of 60 people. The number bothered me. There is a pandemic going on. So, I felt it was not worth the risk.

Back to work, really!

We all have to weigh the risks we take with consideration to any risk we may expose to others. I see my actions can have consequence to others. My behavior is respectful to others. I don’t know what anyone is going through. It is a time to show patience.

There is no magic number, but they presented me with the opportunity to perform for 15 adults in a “safe” environment. At the time of the event, the state of Massachusetts was doing well. The risk was extremely low, and the reward extremely high. I asked my GP, he said nothing is 100% but it was unlikely I would contract the virus. 

So now, I wait… avoiding the public. If absolutely necessary, I may adventure out at off hours, with my mask. Properly worn and fitted.

Stay Well!

Joe Ferranti

Boston Magician

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