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Boston Magician? Not likely! A SEO Trick for Some

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My Boston Office…?


When clients are looking for a magician, most often they go to Google and enter a search for what they are looking for. As a magician, there are two basic ways to attract clients.

If you want to pay for an ad, it will get you instant results of top page exposure.

Most of us choose to use SEO to rank high on the results page. As a general rule, anything short of the first page is useless. It takes some knowledge and patience, but most of us can find a spot legitimately.

 Boston Magician Joe Ferranti struggles for Google results!

I work in the Boston area for most of my jobs, but actually where I work matters little. What does matter is what potential clients search for. One of the most coveted search rankings is Boston Magician. Go ahead, check it out. You can see its importance by the number of paid ads in this category.

I have worked carefully with SEO to break this barrier…with no success. The result is I get less recognition. Less recognition equals less work, less work equals less $$$, and that’s just the way it is.

Boston Area Magician Discovers Secret!

I finally realized why I was missing the Google Three Pack…I don’t know how it evaded me for so long.
The top results for Boston Magician all “lived” in Boston. I live right outside the city, but useless for SERP. Having a Boston address was the missing piece of the puzzle.
Now, I won’t mention any names, but on further investigation, I discovered a couple of magicians had more than one address. I’ve got a little secret for you. Some magicians make some serious money, but just a handful make enough to own two houses or a residence and an office in Boston.

Google Frowns on Fake addresses…

Google has pretty clear-cut rules on Black Hat and White Hat practices using their service. Using a false address is clearly forbidden by Google and the penalty is pretty severe. I don’t imagine Google has the time or inclination to investigate on its own. Surely there are far more serious infractions on their rules that attract their attention.
Best Wishes,
Magician serving Boston area
…but I don’t live there…so I’ll see you on page 2 of Google…what’s that? You never go past the first page? Hmm, what does it cost to fabricate an address?  😉
Joe Ferranti
Boston Magicians… check this out
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