Casino Night in Boston

Events can be classified into a few styles and a few attitudes. A Casino night is always a winner.
Hundreds of people and everyone is in a good mood.

So this brings me to the Westin Hotel in Boston, Ma. (OMG) Yes, I’m easily impressed. Escalators, elevators…even stairs. Much like an airport except beautiful. (And remember the good mood.)
I think I’ve probably got the best job. Hundreds of people, many waiting in lines. The perfect audience for Magic. A little entertainment makes time fly, and the best part is the people further down the line aren’t quite sure what is going on. So they are anticipating my arrival.

So I’m a winner before I even begin. I probably did only three tricks all night. (O.K. I did a couple of special ones when the occasion arose.) But, basically two or three tricks. The reasoning is that the people watching you are going to turn around and spy (watch) what you do with the next group, and the next group was watching what you did with the preceding group. So you get it, everyone is seeing a new magical presentation, wherever they are in the line.

I know it went well, the audience literally tells you. They call their friends, “come here, this guy is David Blaine!.” Thank you, I’ll take that is a compliment… More than once,” You remind me of Al Pacino.” I’m not sure how to take that. Pacino’s getting pretty old, and I guess I can’t hide it either.

A beautiful night in Boston, performing the most unique entertainment I’m aware of, and no Barriers to break down.