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Boston Massachusetts Magician Performs his Exclusive “Birthday Card Trick!”

Boston Massachusetts Magician Performs his Exclusive “Birthday Card Trick!”

The Magic of Joe Ferranti

In your mind’s eye, can you imagine a magician at a birthday party? What comes to mind? A top hat? A cape? Of course…a rabbit! Close your eyes and imagine the noise. Can you hear it? Yes, children screaming!

There is a well-known comedy plot for children’s magic, known as “see don’t see”. Here’s an example. The magician is holding a flower and the children notice it “wiling”, bending over. They tell the magician what is happening. When he looks at the flower, it has straightened out. The magician continues, as he does the flower “wilts” again. The children scream at the magician. When he looks at the flower again, it is standing straight again. Get the point? This continues ad nauseam, as children never tire of such “humor”, and it’s a win as the adults are getting what they paid for, their children having fun.

If this is your vision of a magician, I can see why it wouldn’t cross your mind to think about having one at an adult birthday party. Because, as I explained, we often stop thinking too soon.

Boston Massachusetts’ Best Adult Birthday Magician

Imagine again a birthday show designed for adults. Magical entertainment designed for adults. If you are in the greater Boston area, please call me. 339-927-4710 I have an exclusive Birthday Card Trick. This signature effect leaves the guest of honor with a memento they will keep. Also, a birthday memory like no other.

Word of mouth has brought us many birthday party jobs as friends tell friends of the “Birthday Card Trick.” We are confident you will spread the word as well.

Hire Magician Boston Ma. 339-927-4710

Of course, birthday parties are only one part of the entertainment we provide. Some others that come to mind are Wedding Cocktail hours, Corporate Cocktail Hours, Company Holiday Parties, Private Holiday Parties, Anniversaries…you get the idea.

Our aim is to bring magic entertainment to every type of adult function imaginable, and we can do that… if you “don’t stop thinking.”

Best Wishes,                                                                                                                  Joe Ferranti

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