Do you just do card tricks?

Here’s a question I get from time to time.
The short answer is no. This answer is true, convenient and helpful in securing work.
To explain how one entertains with a deck of cards is extremely difficult
to convey to potential clients that you are worthy of an evening’s entertainment.
(I do Magic/tricks with many items. These items Include Coins, rubber bands, dollar bills, balls and a few more common everyday items.) What you won’t see are props that come from a Magic Shop. These are the type of item that you would not recognize in everyday life. These items send a message to your audience, which is, I could do that if I went to the Magic shop.
Ultimately, Magicians strive for a reaction which is, “That can’t be done!” All magicians will recognize that statement as it is attributed to the magic of Simon Aronson.
In reality, I can entertain with just a deck of cards to the satisfaction and over the top response from any lay audience. I’m just glad I don’t have to explain how.
There are quite a few Magi that do. One who is exceptional is my friend Paul Gordon from the U.K. Paul is a magician, author, lecturer and motivational speaker. (Paul taught me how to entertain, and not just do “tricks.”
In private Magicians use the word “trick” to describe what they do. That includes David Copperfield.
When talking to clients we tend to use words like close up illusions…anything but “trick”. Most magicians avoid the word “trick” like the plague.
So, if you bring me to your event, I will have a deck of cards…and if you have a moment would you give me a short testimonial by video or the written word.
These aren’t your Uncle Charlie’s card tricks!