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Don’t Try this With Paying Clients!

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Jazz Magic?

Think of the Jazz musician… now think of the Jazz Magician, hmm? That’s what I’d like to do!… maybe not?

I have many magic friends on social media. They kindly share their experiences in the performance arena. Just recently, a more than capable performer (Top Professional) told how he had improvised a performance with a borrowed deck of cards. He was not bragging, just telling what resulted in a non-prepped performance. Another well-respected pro commented that this is the only way he performs.

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The success of some of the best of the best, when they borrow a pack of cards, they don’t know what they are going to do, so they improvise, jazz it, make it up on the spot. And they kill their audience. I believe them; I have seen a few. But they didn’t just fall off the turnip truck!

Why does this bother me? Because I’ve seen the results of “Magicians” who fancy themselves capable of “Jazzing”, when they are clearly not. I wish those capable of Jazzing would give a warning, “this performance is by a trained professional, this is very dangerous… do not attempt this in your performances.”

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My caution will fall upon deaf ears. The cocky magician does not want to put in the work; he just goes out and “astounds the masses”. (Yeah… right!) Not the ones I’ve seen! They stumble on their words; they do not know when the time is right to do the “Move/Sleight”.

Our routines/tricks need structure. It’s your choice if you remember every word, despite what the Lazy ones say. This can sound fresh during every performance. It damn well sounds better than not having a clue. At the very least, have a basic framework.

I have heard the success of Magicians I respect, who can succeed in this type of performance, but here’s what you should know before you go out on the High Wire.

These pros have spent uncountable hours practicing. They work uncountable hours in performance situations. They have encountered things you cannot even imagine.

I’m sure some will accuse me of being a robotic performer, no not at all. I consider myself well-rehearsed and there are times we I have to go off script. It’s just the reality of Strolling Magic. Sometimes performing a “Think of a Card” trick, a suitable ending may vary… it just happens. So, maybe Mercury Fold??? Card under watch???… card in Altoid tin???… Please, just don’t be lazy.

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