Entertaining for The Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2014

The sky was the limit for Harvard business school, or perhaps it was the bottom of the ocean floor. Regardless the MBA class of 2014 celebrated in style on a rainy March night, at the New England Aquarium (1 Central Wharf Boston, MA 02110.)

I haven’t been to the Aquarium since my kids were small. On this special night we had it to ourselves. As always I arrived early. (Better early than a minute late.) This gave me enough time to reacquaint myself with the penguins, who seemed excited to see me. (I later saw they gave the same reaction to everybody.)

Arriving early gave me the opportunity to perform for some of the aquarium staff and the food service staff before the event began. After receiving a warm welcome, I knew all would go well during the evening. (And it did.)

As a close up/ strolling entertainer, you need to learn to politely make your way into conversations, interrupt in a way that is not offensive, and let the group know that you have been hired to entertain them. You know you are welcome when their eyes open wide and they say, “Oh yes, we heard there would be a Magician strolling tonight.”

Then the “snowball” starts rolling. Laughter and applause attracts the interest of the surrounding attendees. This keeps me going for at least a half an hour, and then I start the cycle again.
I had the pleasure of meeting young adults from around the world. My favorite response was from a young woman from Russia, and I quote, “You are a true professional, and I respect that.” Of course I thanked her and wondered in my head, what did she expect?

Enough about my evening, further entertainment was provided by a live band, which played at the opposite end of where I was entertaining. As I was leaving at 11:30 P.M., I noticed that dancing had begun. Hooray for the band. Also there was a diver who “entertained” during a fish feeding. Although I was a bit busy and missed that.

Thank you to the Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2014. I see much success in your futures.
Joe Ferranti “Magician at your service.” (Just read The Hobbit again.)