Frequently Asked Questions for the Magic of Joe Ferranti

How will you be dressed?

I will always be attired in a suit, shoes shined and clean fingernails. Appearance counts!

Do you take breaks?

No, I will work up to four hours without a break. Of course, I may have an occasional sip of water. You will receive nonstop entertainment. The very best in Strolling Magic!

Do you need anything for setting up?

As a Walk Around/Strolling Magician, I have no need for a table or anything else.

When will you arrive?

I typically arrive 30 minutes to one hour before an event. I would rather be an hour early than one minute late. I respect my client’s timeline for their event. If your schedule has a strict one hour period for “Magic Entertainment”, I cannot and will not take a chance of being late.

Does your fee start when you arrive?

Absolutely not. I arrive early to insure I can bring to you exactly what you expect, at the time that fits your needs.

Why do you request a contact number?

So far, the worst-case scenario has not happened. (Car accident, flat tire…)
There have been times where my GPS has brought me real close, but not quite to the event destination. It’s nice to be able to contact you, to talk me in the last few steps.
Please keep your phone on before the event.

Do you drink while you are working?

I never drink alcohol when I am working…because, I am working. I take what I do very seriously and cannot have my judgment or motor skills impaired in any way.

Do you eat while you are working?

I do not eat while I am working.

What is Strolling Magic…Walk Around Magic, Mix and Mingle Magic?

The Strolling Magician will perform for groups of people, as few as two, often as many as ten. I will move throughout the venue providing entertainment for your guests. At times, little movement is necessary as people flock to where the screams of excitement are, curious to see “what is going on!”

Some clients like to surprise their guests and not announce that a Magician is in attendance. This is fine, as I politely work my way into groups and perform “miracles” right before their eyes. Other times, my attendance is advertised, and the guests are anxiously waiting for their turn to see the “Magic.”

Mix and Mingle Magic – AKA Close Up Magic/Walk – Around Magic – Strolling Magic…

is ideal for any event where people are engaged in casual conversations, perhaps having drinks and hors d’ouvres. Did I mention “Cocktail Magic!”

Adult Birthday Magician Boston Massachusetts

Young woman shows her personalized Birthday card with a smile.young girl excited by Close UP Magician

Corporate Magician Boston Massachusetts and New England

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti performing for a group of people at The Sheraton in Boston Ma.mode.

Photo courtesy of Correen Demers

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti will please any audience.