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February Blahs…

Busy Holiday Season performing Magic in Massachusetts

The pattern persists of a busy Holiday season which runs from late November through January.

Being a working Magician in Massachusetts has its difficulties. I’d love nothing better to say than I was one busy guy for the month of February. However, that was not the case. Things were slow. This gave me more time to walk the dog and experiment with new magical material. Not to mention continual practice and rehearsal. Which is a must for anyone who takes his craft seriously. I can’t predict trends, I’m sure there are other Magicians who were really busy in February. I’m still to new at this to understand the cycle.

Shows are beginning to pickup

Good news is that bookings are now going as far as April. I am also happy to say that more bookings are coming for my Parlor show. A show which is fun to perform, and appears to be very entertaining to watch from the reactions of my audiences. I’m open to suggestions for venues that would welcome this type of entertainment. I must mention that it was Michael Vincent from England who inspired me to attempt this type of entertainment. He is a master at all forms of Magic, and it becomes art in his hands.

The Magic Parlor Show

My show is not “art” but it is good entertainment for mid size groups containing Strong Magic and plenty of laughter. The Parlor Show is now equally popular with my Walk Around/Strolling Magic presentations.

It serves me well to have two styles of entertainment. More than once, they have hired me to perform strolling magic, only to arrive and be told they didn’t get the attendance that they were expecting. “Is it possible to do a show”?, They have asked me.

“You bet it is!”

Joe Ferranti

Boston Comedy Magician

Spectators watching Boston Magician Joe Ferranti The Best in Magic Entertainment Magician entertains at Harvard University Birthday Party

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