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Adding video to your website

Promoting my magic with video | Massachusetts Magician Joe Ferranti

In the beginning we had photographs… yeah; a picture is worth a thousand words. Not so much in the 21st century. Of course, we’ve always had language to convey information, and writing wasn’t far behind.

Video is the best medium to show my clients I have what they are looking for. It’s impossible to audition for each gig. The answer is, of course, live action video, highlighting your talent.

Video for the average person

We have had video for a long time… once the media for the rich. Today, our phones can do a pretty impressive job. A decent camcorder for $200+ is better than the $1,000 dollar camcorder I used to get my children’s first steps.

As a professional magician, I have many reviews for a client’s perusal. The reviews are all 5-stars. My clients rave about my performances.

I’ve just found it’s never quite enough. All the pictures of people laughing and gasping at…? Well, in my case, magic. The pictures have never been quite enough. It’s hard to be the salesperson and tell everyone, “I am the best in my field”. I prefer a little humility. Still, I need to boast that I am one of Boston’s most entertaining close up Magicians. See Video Here.

I plan on making more videos because I can. I want to show you the adult birthday, the corporate cocktail, the company Christmas party. If I do it, I want to show you a video.

How I do it.

My wife shoots non stop through an event. I will trash most of the video. Choosing Pinnacle Software as my tool of choice for editing. I find it user friendly with professional results.

Getting permission to video an event.

I offer some clients a free video of their event. They get a professional quality video as a keepsake of their wedding,burthday etc. It runs from three to seven minutes. I send the final project to them on a thumb drive.

The Return

In exchange for their video, the client allows me to edit about 60 seconds for a promo video for my website, YouTube and Vimeo. I try to keep it to only 60 seconds, because if you look at the analytics you’ll see the actual time people spend watching your video. Keep it short.

Joe Ferranti’s exclusive Birthday Card Trick.

Nothing gets a client to commit faster than watching a video or two. How do I know? They tell me.

Joe Ferranti

Professional Close-Up Magician Boston Mass.
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