Gotta get me some Tattoos

I’ve been working a lot lately. (Not complaining.) That means I usually present the same material, and the “trick” is to make it feel as if you are doing it for the first time. Yes, I’ve got to keep it fresh…not a problem yet. Financially this is good; I make money and have little time to spend it at the “Magic Shop.” Yeah, that’s a “habit” many magicians have. We’re always searching for the newest trick, the method never dreamed before, perhaps…”Real Magic.” However, I usually find some time to go on my computer and watch the latest tricks being pitched in the business. (Inside secret, many are old tricks repackaged for a younger generation and overpriced; yes the same tricks are hidden in books and VHS videos for pennies on the dollar!). What’s the point you must be asking? Well although my material is solid, my look is apparently out of date. I work in a suit, my shoes are polished and I don’t wear a “foolish hat.”

Now tell me if I’m just too old to continue…the magicians peddling the “new” magic all have tattoos, up and down their arms. Sorry to disappoint, if I remove my jacket and reveal my arms
There’s nothing to see, except some sparse hair and my not so muscular physique. Now, my Dad had a couple tattoos. Something you sometimes did in the army. (WW II) You know the Popeye stuff. He actually didn’t care much for them. Stories of the War went untold. I’m no longer cutting edge. You are who you are today. Nobody sees anything else. There’s a young man inside my heart, but no longer visible in the mirror. I know my magic is cutting edge, in the sense that it kicks butt. Classic plots never die. They sometimes need reframing or a little dusting. Well, I’ve got to go shopping for a hat and some colored sharpies. Need to keep up to date.

Joe Ferranti Magician: Boston and through ought Massachusetts