Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Birthdays

I just heard that retailers make 40% of their sales during the Holidays. I don’t keep percentages,
But I know Magic performances have been nonstop. I’ve been to Portsmouth N.H., Manchester Ma. , Haverhill, Needham, and of course Boston. (And many more.)

Two days after Christmas I have back to back performances. Thank goodness the times didn’t clash. I can’t turn down a repeat client. In this business they become friends.

This is an enjoyable season with many celebrations. Speaking outside of entertainment, I’ve never been to a celebration that wasn’t a fun time. Most social occasions are naturally cheerful, but when you add a professional Magical entertainer, the event very well may become a lasting memory. I have heard from couples, how a souvenir from me is in their Wedding Album. Others have shown me that they carry around a playing card from a past performance. I receive so much more than money from my clients. Thank you for a great year, and I can’t wait to meet new friends in 2015.

Joe Ferranti Boston area Magician