It’s Show Time

Today I’m going to a pool party (Burlington, ma.)…too bad it’s only going to be in the low seventies. I believe there may be a few kids in the pool. Temperature doesn’t matter much when you are young.
The adults, well I expect to see most them out of the pool. Which works for me, as I still haven’t figured out how Chriss Angel “walks on water”. I imagine a You Tube search might find an answer. Still not my style so I’ll avoid the search.
Well, I’m home from the Party, go figure…they wanted to see me walk on water. I’m fortunate to always see the good side of people. They open their homes to you. They want to feed you, give you a drink. People are generous; of course professional conduct is paramount. I never eat or drink alcohol. However, it is important to decline graciously.
Time to go sit in the sun while it’s still summer. Then I’m off to New Hampshire to entertain at an annual Blood Drive. Hard to believe but the lines are so long, I hope to help the time pass by.

Joe Ferranti Boston Magician