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Best Magician in Boston

I was out for a couple drinks with Lisa, at our local bar… the one where everybody knows your name. 

Steve, the bartender, has seen me perform a couple of tricks. (something I seldom do when out for pleasure) So, Steve asks me if I know a Chinese magician who was on P&T FU… fantastic, he tells me. “Must be Shin Lim”…” Yes!” He tells me how incredible he is. I wholly agree, “That kid operates on an extraordinary level…” Of course Steve asks if I know how he does it.

“I haven’t got a clue. Like I said, he’s operating on a level beyond me.”

Steve tells me about another magician he saw on AGT who performed a trick with coins and rose petals. “Oh yeah, that’s Will Tsai.”

Steve tells me he didn’t especially care for the trick… this is the trick that blew away the judges. One of them replied that” this was real magic” … something like that.

Wedding Magician in Massachusetts

I think most lay people would agree with the judges, but Steve sensed there was something more to Will’s presentation… something that assisted him with this “miracle.” I nodded my head… but didn’t get into it as I try to not say anything negative about other magicians.

Our discussion got me to thinking about the judges on AGT. If you watch the show, you know there are many magicians who perform close up magic. Every one performs at the judges’ table. Not on the stage. Hmm?, this never crossed their minds, and it obviously didn’t affect their reaction. I wonder why they didn’t question the distance issue.

Steve sensed something was awry. I wonder how many others made a similar observation. Which is why I listen to lay people, one at a time.

Sleight of Hand Card Magician Boston

BTW… If you are a regular watcher of AGT. You may recall another talented Close-Up Magician, Eric Jones. Eric made his last performance on the stage, however, all the judges were on stage with him. So, this still qualified for “real” close up, in my opinion.

Eric Jones on AGT  The Very Best in Close Up Magic Mass. / New Hampshire
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