Magic in Key West

It sure has been a long time since I blogged, but there’s no time like vacation to catch up on many things.

There’s nothing more magical than visiting Key West. All your troubles disappear as soon as you touch down. So much to do or just kick back and relax.
We visited The Green Parrot Bar on Rte. 1. I had the pleasure of performing some close up Magic for some guests. (By invitation.)

One of my pet peeves are the “Street Magicians, AKA Kamikazes)
Because they assault innocent bystanders into watching them massage there own egos. Of course, that’s just because I’m getting to old to do it. My performances are by invitation only. Unless I’m being paid to perform walk Around/Strolling magic.

Last night I was having dinner with my wife and daughter at the “Rum Bar”. As usual I was toying with a deck of cards, and our waiter asked me if I was practicing my “center deal”. Well only a magician or gambler would use such a term. Long Story…short!
His name is Greg Wythe who hailed from Sandiego, Ca. His mentor was none other than the late J.C. Wagner. One of Greg’s prized possessions is the last deck of cards handled by J.C. before he lost his battle to cancer.

Greg is still a member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. he was working as a magician doing trade shows until 911. A lot of things changed, most importantly was the loss of innocent lives, but the trickle down changed many aspects of the economy. You can catch a performance of Greg on you tube. Just search Greg Wythe Magic and he’ll come up.

Bye for now…next time I’ll write from good ol’ Mass. The home of far too many magicians.