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Magic/Comedy Parlor Show, Boston Massachusetts

Boston Comedy Magician Cabaret Show The Best in Magic Entertainment
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Comedy Magician Boston Massachusetts Parlor Show The Best in Magic Entertainment
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Comedy Magician Boston Massachusetts



The subject which comes first, the comedy or the magic, is a real discussion (debate) in the Magical circles. Since I’m not in a Magical circle, my thoughts are valid because this is my blog.
Seriously, I understand this, some of the best performers and thinkers in Magic say that the comedy should not overshadow the Magic. This is true, as there is hopefully a magical moment in each effect, and you don’t want the laughter to be stepping on the toes of amazement. It diminishes the “Wonder.”

Comedy Magician Michael Finney

If you have the chance to see Michael Finney, run and get a ticket. You will not regret it. Michael leads with comedy, backed up by entertaining magic. Most likely, if asked, you will mention how hard you laughed.

Magician Comedian Joe Ferranti Boston Massachusetts

Reversing the words, I emphasize the magic aspect. This is self explanatory. Darwin Ortiz suggests the emphasis should be on the magic first. I respect Darwin’s thoughts and again fully endorse anything he has published.

Personally, I just can’t commit to one size fits all. So I’ll concede that they are correct. However, there are those who are talented Comedians and Magicians. If you are going to play in the best comedy clubs, you better knock’em dead with laughter, or you won’t go very far. So I tip my hat to the true Comic Magicians, who bring the house down with laughter. I think it might be as simple as your method of booking your show. Either Magic first, or comedy first, no buyer beware is necessary.

As Magicians, we talk and debate things to death. Have you heard the one about misdirection in Magic? Well, it doesn’t exist; you see there is direction. I will address the inherent comedy in magic soon.

Joe Ferranti

Comedy Magician Massachusetts.


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