My Birthday Parameters

If you want me as your Birthday party Magician, all you need is a child between 5 and 8 years old. (No, I don’t get as much work as other Magicians.) This is my comfort level for working with Children.
I know, you want a Magician for your 3 year old. You’ll find one and it will most likely be a good time.

From my experience, and backed up by pediatricians is that the attention span of a three and four year olds is about 5 to 10 minutes. Of course there are many variances, but I don’t know that your child is on the waiting list for Harvard, unless you tell me. Also don’t confuse the amount of time a child can sit in front of a TV with Attention Span. Also, three and four year olds are very impulsive and often will storm Mr. Magic as if he were Justin Bieber.

There are times when I may do a Birthday for a one year old. Obviously I have been informed that the ages of the children who will attend the show are not one year of age.
I want to always leave my clients happy. Feeling their child got something special for their Birthday.
I always deliver, I promise.

Joe Ferranti, Magician for All Occasions
The Best in Walk Around Magic (AKA Mix and Mingle)
Wilmington, Ma. 01887