My Formal Magic Show

For the most part, my magic performances are Mix and Mingle for any occasion you can imagine. (Holiday parties, Weddings, cocktail performances) All these are quite casual venues. The magic is still strong and visual.

I really had no intention of moving up to the stage. So I made a compromise. It all came out of an inquiry to do a formal parlor Magic show. Are there benefits, well yes, it gives me another opportunity to perform Magic in a different style which is still satisfying. I still interact intimately with my audience. Thirty years in magic, and I had never left my first love of Magic. Close Up and Personal.

So it was back to the drawing board. I drew from some of my great influences and put together a show which combines Magic and Laughter, but most of all, continued interaction with my audience.
The show was well received, but I am not done. A show is not just a string of tricks (illusions) thrown together without thought or reason. I need to continue, trimming the fat, adding, subtracting. What is the point of doing anything if we do not strive to bring it to a higher level? I’m not done yet, I know I will improve it. But, do you know what I’m really wondering? Who will be the next client to throw down the gauntlet with another magical challenge that intrigues me onto further evolution?

Don’t forget, my magic is available in Boston and all its surrounding cities and suburbs.
Magic for All Occasions.