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My Formal Magic Show

Cabaret Magician Boston Massachusetts

Simply a Magic Show…referred to as a Parlor Show or a Cabaret Show. It’s just Magic, that you must see.

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My magic performances are Mix and Mingle (Strolling/ Walk around Magic) for most venues. For example, Holiday parties, weddings, cocktail performances and adult birthday parties. Although I am thoroughly rehearsed, my performances appear impromptu because of the close and natural interactions with my audience.

What is a Parlor Show?

I had no intention of moving up to the stage. So I made a compromise. It all came out of an inquiry to do a formal parlor Magic show. Are there benefits? Well yes, it gives me another opportunity to perform Magic in a unique style which is very satisfying. I still interact with my audience. Whether Strolling or The Intimate Parlor Show, they both feature Close-Up Magic.

Constructing My Parlor Show

I drew from some of my significant influences and put together a show which combines Magic and Laughter, but most of all, continued interaction with my audience. The show is getting great reactions, but I am not done. I continue making adjustments. The foundation is sound. Still, I will vary a few pieces in search of the strongest magic show I can present. The last result will come from many performances. Honing everything, including the comedy. Listening to my audience is my ultimate aid.

Parlor Show Magician Boston Massachusetts

It all came about unexpected…My First Parlor Show

I was hired to entetain at an adult Birthday Party. I had been over the details with the client, I was hired to performone one hour of Strolling Magic. I arrived early,with my videographer, they had agreed for some video. (Videographer sounds nice, actually my wife comes with me. My instructions to my wife are to point and shoot…rule one the spectaors are more important than me, capture their reactions, I will naturally show up in plenty of footage.

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