Never Too Old!

I’ve been working a lot with Senior Whole Health ®. They hire me to “warm up” the crowd; I do 30- 40 minutes, and then hand them over to the pros. Let’s face it, growing old is not for wimps. In the real world where we meet, they run the gamut on health and mental capabilities. Many are sharp and witty; they enjoy Magic that is up close. If not for this connection, I would not have contact with the elderly. How fortunate for me, we always have many good laughs.

I do a routine with silver dollars; these are Morgan dollars from the 1800s. I always hand out one or two so someone can have a look and verify it’s truly a silver dollar. I always hand them to an older woman. I always remind them, “It’s not a souvenir.” However, nine out of ten times the woman will put the coin in her bra. “I’m not going in there” I reply. “I’ll send Tony”, naming one of the elderly gentlemen. One of the men had molecular degeneration and had to feel his way around. I didn’t have to look far for a volunteer. We always have a good time and a few laughs which keeps us all going. The oldest attendee so far has been 99 years old.

I love these shows, and the audiences could not be more appreciative. Let’s face it, most of them aren’t getting out to the movies anymore. The sad truth is that I work for 10- 15 people at a time. There are many others that choose to stay in their rooms. Perhaps they’ve lost interest? I’ll never know, but those who venture out always have a good time. Now that’s a lesson for all of us.
Joe Ferranti Boston Magician, and throughout Mass.