One Fun Week End!

Somehow it feels wrong to get paid for having so much fun. However I’m not complaining. On a recent Friday I had the privilege of performing my style of walk around, (strolling) Magic at a 40th Birthday party. Everybody is already in the right mood to be entertained. As the Magician you run on the energy of the guests and they feed off of your enthusiasm. Some type of perpetual energy.

You know it’s going to be a goodnight when guests from three different rooms came and surround you because of the loud reactions, and applause. The icing on the magical cake is that a few people follow you around the party in order not to miss anything new. When the Birthday “boy” blew out the candle I was hoping he was wishing I could be forty again. No such luck! I hope he gets his wish. Saturday evening I find myself at a wedding reception. I know we will have children and adults. So I start with the kids. They were all just coloring quietly at their tables. That didn’t last long. They love sponge balls. What could be more magical. They appear, they disappear, they travel from here to there. They multiply, they fly into the children’s hands. What more could you ask for. The adults around start watching and realize this might be fun for them as well, and it is. Coins , Cards , rubber bands. Organic props, everybody knows what they are. You didn’t stop by Diamond’s Magic shop to get these props. ( Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) The crowd is a little more subdued than the night before. Don’t forget, the ages were five to seventy five. I don’t have to tell the Magicians, but the Wedding couple always have at least one special trick that is a keepsake that they usually put in their wedding album. Please don’t forget that I am available for any event. You are limited only by your imagination. I’ll be waiting for your call. I’ll be home practicing my sleight of hand in Wilmington, Ma.