People are…People

Like many of us, I have been lucky by birth…born into the middleclass. (Slipping a bit, but not starving.) I have had the good fortune to know many people from all walks of life.
I made my living in the “working class.” But also associate with those of great wealth and higher education.

So what does this have to do with people… are people. Well, we may talk differently, some may have finer “tastes”, but at the end of the day, people perceive as we are programmed to. All this works very well for the “professional Magician.”

I have worked nearly every possible venue, providing the best in strolling/walk around magic.
I have worked adult Birthday parties for the down to earth, “working class.” (Which is where I belong.) I have also worked for large successful corporations, Harvard Business School students, and I think you get the picture.

I get paid for entertaining by doing things that should NOT be able to be done. MAGIC!
OMG, Harvard Business School Students! Doctors and lawyers…oh my! Surely they must be a more difficult…well you know, more intelligent, so my little tricks won’t fly. Wrong!
People, well, are just people. Wherever you come from your senses work the same. You perceive motion and anything which makes common sense in the same way we all do. It’s universal. So my job is the same, whoever I perform for. I do not change my personality. I am what I have always been. A polite middle class kind of guy that you will want to have around at your next party.
So why does the Magic of Joe Ferranti, or any other competent magician work?
Because, people are people!
Boston Magician Joe Ferranti “Boston Trade Show Magician”