Repeat Business…The Best Referral

This lingering question regurgitates in my mind. How do I inform new clients that I have the talent that they are looking for? I know what will happen if I entertain at most any venue. Why? Because I have repeatedly performed my services and I repeatedly get the same reactions. Yeah, it’s kind of like science.
How do I convey that I am one of the top professionals in my field without sounding like a fathead? BTW, I need a new hat…a little larger please.

I have numerous testimonials from satisfied clients. I don’t write them myself. Do people think I do?
I belong to several sites in which I compete with other entertainers. Most of my endorsements are on my own web site.

I have fewer on alternative sites, which charge me fees in order to receive leads for jobs. To post a review on one of these sites, I need to ask my client to copy and paste, blah, blah, blah. These are nice people, but I can’t ask them to do secretarial work so I can look good. I’m a little off topic and its sounding like a rant. What I was saying is thank you to the many clients who return for more. You wouldn’t return to a restaurant if you didn’t like the food? So, to my many repeat clients, thank you. Tell your friends about me. Direct them to my web site, cut out the middleman and I’ll politely ask if you might leave a testimonial.
Joe Ferranti Boston Area Magician