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Building a clientele is a process, that’s what I’m telling myself. It is a slow process. I know little about organic SEO, and throwing money at ads might be tantamount to flushing money down the toilet.

Learning SEO

My income does not allow me to pay an SEO expert to promote my business. So I experiment myself with all in one SEO.

AIOSEO is my tool of choice, (for now) this is not an ad. I should be the last person you should ask for advice on SEO. I have found it user friendly, but I am never sure if I am using it to its capacity.

This lingering question regurgitates in my mind. How do I inform new clients that I have the talent that they are looking for?

Getting New Clients for The Magic of Joe Ferranti

How do I convey I am one of the top professionals in my field? Be honest, when you are looking for a service or product does your search often begin with… “the best…” So, I need to promote myself as “the best” whatever that means. Of course the best is subjective, and I have faith I will deliver excellent service to my clients, so I imagine they’ll forgive my hyperbole.

I have many testimonials from satisfied clients. I don’t write them myself. Do people think I do? I also have many videos, if you can take 60 seconds or a little more.

Paying for Client leads

I don’t get all inquiries through my website. I belong to The Bash and GigSalad. They charge for a membership and in exchange I receive leads from people looking for magic entertainment. This adds cost to myself and, at times, the client. This is just a fact of operating a business. These sites show up at the top because they have paid ads, not to mention they can afford the best in web development.

Joe Ferranti Boston Area Magician
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