Some Thoughts to my fellow Magicians – Technique

When you hang out with fellow magicians, many related discussions take place. Sometimes opinions get a little heated. I come from the school that considers laymen intelligent. Others argue that they lay people don’t care, They just want to be entertained. Well, just for arguments sake, let us assume we are all equally entertaining. What is left? Method and technique. Many magicians stop short of perfecting their sleights. “laymen, don’t care.”…but they are not stupid. Bad technique sticks out like a sore thumb. Good to excellent technique is invisible. “For a simple example, take Doc Daley’s Last Trick.” Some fumble with their doubles that the audience never feels the least conviction as to the placement of the cards. With flawless technique the positions are never questioned. In this manner you stand the best chance of deception possible in this cute little card trick. Darwin Ortiz reminds us, “That before you change an apple into an orange you should make sure the audience knows it’s an apple.”* In Daley’s effect you must come as close to conviction of the placement of the cards as possible. If you fumble with the cards, you won’t come close to clarity or conviction. To get to my point it is simple, practice,(correctly) practice, and perfect your sleights. It will take many hours weeks, months or sometimes years, but there is no substitution.
*Darwin Ortiz – Strong Magic” pg. 50.