Strolling Magicians in the Boston area…

I get many inquiries from people who think they might like to try magical entertainment for their, event, celebration, wedding, cocktail party…and more.

As is often the case, so many are unsure of what will fit their program the best. Most haven’t thought about or totally understand their options. It is my obligation to help them understand what is available; it is NOT about selling me or my performance.

I am a strolling/ Walk Around/ Close Up Magician, and love what I do, if my services fit you, I’m all over it. If not, I’’ guide you to another professional or an agency.

Let’s look at Stage, Parlor, and Platform Magic…Most often people pay to go to a show. They have a good idea of what to expect, and understand that they will be seated. They are welcome to applaud, gasp in wonder, but their attention is expected. They are not welcome to use their cell phones in a way that will interrupt the show or disturb people they are seated near. They are also not expected to carry on conversations with people next to them, much less shouting out across the seats to get the attention of a friend. Those are the rules of polite society…get it? Yup, most of you. A Stage show is appropriate for any venue. A stage show is also appropriate where an individual hires a Magician for his/her guests. It is best that the guests are aware that they will be asked to devote an hour of their undivided attention. If this is unknown to your guests it may not be what they were expecting and may make some feel they want to bow out for a little while. Let your guests know you are inviting them to a show.

Strolling Magicians play by slightly different rules. Many might perceive that what they do is Helter Skelter, unplanned or improvisational. Nothing could be further from the truth. The professional strolling magician presents highly structured and rehearsed entertainment. I paraphrase, but the best improvisation is extremely well rehearsed.

Where is the strolling Magicians best venue? These are numerous, cocktail Parties, Holiday Parties, Weddings and everything you can possibly think of.

It is always best if your guests know a Magician will be there to provide entertainment. It just makes it easier on the introductions…not necessary; we can slip in without being rude, and are always welcome, 99.9% of the time. When you are skilled from experience you can tell when old friends are catching up…give them some time and return later.

Truthfully, when you begin entertaining your first group there should be so much laughter, applauding and things I can’t mention, you will be welcomed wherever you go as each group is anticipating what all the noise was about.

When is this entertainment not a good idea? When people are dining! Very important, I repeat, when people are dining. The only entertainment that will work properly in this environment is quiet music, which will allow the diners to talk as they eat. You would think this is a no brainer…it is not. Can you imagine, a magic show interrupting your dinner? When the show is over, your dinner is cold…or you pay no attention and the Magician is wasting his time, but more importantly, your time.
This does not rule out cocktail parties where food is served. The professional strolling magician has no problems providing entertainment to suit the circumstance. One person may be texting…carry on, everyone else is totally immersed in what you are doing. People may interact with you, perfectly fine, this does not mean they run the program, but they have to feel free to talk with you. I ask many questions of the guests, and I listen, it is part of the “Magic”
There are always pros and cons in every situation. Weigh out you options, the pros should outweigh the cons 99 to 1. If this is not the case perhaps Magic is not your best entertainment.Stage or Close Up? Not so mysterious now.

If you need a free consultation please call me…you and your event come first. My finding my next Gig…There’s always another around the corner. I can always take some time to help a friend.
Joe Ferranti One of the Best Magicians in the Boston Area.