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Hiring a Magician? What to know.

Magic entertainment for your event

Joe Ferranti Boston Massachusetts Magician

I get many inquiries from people who think they might like to try magical entertainment for their event, celebration, wedding, cocktail party… and more.

As is often the case, so many are unsure of what will fit their program best. Most haven’t thought about or understand their options. It is my obligation to help them understand what is available; it is not about selling my services.

I am a Close Up Strolling Magician, and also perform a Comedy Parlor Show. If my services fit your needs, let’s work together. If my services don’t serve you, I will do my best to guide you towards other entertainers.

Stage Magic

Let’s look at Stage and Parlor Magic… Most often, people pay to go to a show. Everyone has a good idea of what to expect. Such as, there are seats to watch the show. Applause is acceptable, and we owe attention to the performance. (No cell phones, please.) You should not have conversations with people next to you.

If this is the style of magic you want to host for guests at a private or corporate event. It is your responsibility to inform your guests that they will be part of an audience. Responsibilities come when sharing an experience.It is not a good idea to surprise your friends after they arrive you are hosting a formal magic show. Let your friends know you are inviting them to a show.

Tips on Hiring a Magician

Strolling Magic entertainment is a different animal. Many think that what they do is Helter Skelter, unplanned or improvisational. Nothing could be further from the truth. The professional strolling magician presents structured and rehearsed entertainment. I paraphrase, but being well rehearsed is the best improvisation.

Where is the strolling Magicians’ best venue? These are many, cocktail parties, Holiday Parties, weddings… your imagination limits the list only.

I always suggest you inform your guests that you are having a magician to provide entertainment. It makes my job easier, abbreviating introductions. I can start the entertainment almost immediately.

There are exceptions… the client can over rule my advice. They may have their own plans on how they want their event unfold. Some clients like to surprise their guests with the “Magic. “Here’s an example. A client hired me to entertain at an adult Halloween costume party. The host wanted me dressed in my usual magic attire. (a three-piece suit.) The idea was to surprise the guests when I began performing professional caliber magic ” tricks. ” Of course, I was happy to comply. The client pays my fee, and I always cooperate.

On Making Cold Introductions

When performing at events when the guests do not know that “magic is on the menu. ” I have my personal approach to introduce myself. In these situations I am a “professional ” interrupter. I have to work my way into groups where their conversations are in progress.

It is important not to have an ego. I am invading their space. Perhaps old friends are reconnecting, so they may decline my invitations to “delight them with my magical expertise… “This is a time to move on politely, with an offer to return at a later time.

Experience has shown that when I entertain my first group, the reactions act as a magnet to everyone in attendance. After this,the welcome mat is out for the rest of the evening.

Times not to have entertainment

What are problematic times for entertainment? When people are dining! The only entertainment that will work during dinner is quiet background music. Perhaps anything in the background is not entertainment. True, entertainment takes center stage.

An exception to the “food” rule.

Cocktail parties where appetizers are being served is an excellent environment for Walk Around Magic entertainment. Not that you will not have your challenges. Again, put your ego aside. You are not the only person working. They require servers to enter groups and offer them drinks and food. Don’t take it personally.

The Cell Phone

Let’s face it,the cell phone is front and present, and serves as personal entertainment for some. This is a challenge we have to deal with. There is no secret solution… let me know if you do. Some people want to record the “trick.” I tell them how boring it is to watch a trick on video, and they will enjoy it more by watching it live. This is true. I always allow them the freedom to record if they want.

If you are a potential client, please call for a pressure free consultation.

If you are a magician with any secrets to share,feel free to call as well.
Joe Ferranti

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