Back to Work…kinda.

It’s not exactly breaking news that the entertainment industry has predominantly come to a halt. I have no idea how those who rely 100% on their income providing entertainment are surviving.

I used to receive multiple inquiries for work each week…more than enough to keep me busy during my retirement years. A few months ago that stopped…nothing.

I recently received an inquiry for an event in Rhode Island with attendance of 60 people. The number bothered me, there is a pandemic going on. So, I felt it was not worth the risk.

We all have to weigh the risks we personally take with consideration to any risk we may expose to others. I do see my actions can have consequence to others…I do not live in a bubble. (Almost a bubble 🙁 )

There is no magic number, but I was presented the opportunity to perform for 15 adults in a “safe” environment. At the time of the event the state of Massachusetts was doing well. I believe the risk was extremely low, and the reward extremely high.

So now, I wait…avoiding the public. If absolutely necessary I may adventure out at off hours, with my mask. Properly worn and fitted.

Stay Well!

Christmas is around the corner!

We haven’t hit our first 90 degree day, but I’m booking my Strolling Magic for Holiday parties already. This truly is a good time to book. It is likely you will get the performer you desire. So if it matters to you (and it should) who provides your entertainment, it’s not too early to start your inquiries.

What difference does it make? Well, frankly all Magicians are not created equal, or at the very least “professionalism” means different things to different people. So Read the testimonials, you can tell the “fake” ones, just like restaurant reviews. Watch the video testimonials. Also if you are on the extremely high end of “spending”, it is not uncommon to meet with your entertainer beforehand.
I don’t think it’s too early. Three more calls and I will be booked for the most demanding dates for my Magical Holiday Season. I hope you are amongst my clients.

Joe Ferranti Magician serving throughout Massachusetts