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The Magic of Joe Ferranti

When you think of a magician at a birthday party, what comes to mind? A top hat? A cape? Of course…a rabbit! Close your eyes and imagine the noise, can you hear it? Yes, children screaming, usually because they see something the magician “can’t see.” As soon as the magician turns around to see what the children are screaming about, “it” goes out of sight. When the magician turns back to the children, the “gremlin” returns and the screaming resumes. This continues ad nauseam, as children never tire of such “humor”.

This is great, if you are a kid or if you are throwing a party for your own child.

Unfortunately, this is where most stop thinking, but what about adults? They wouldn’t be interested in a magician at their birthday party? Of course, they would…remember not to stop thinking.

Boston Massachusetts’ Best Adult Birthday Magician

Imagine again, a birthday show designed for adults. Mix a little magic with a little comedy and you’ve got the perfect combination for the adult birthday girl or boy. And, if you’ve hired the Magic of Joe Ferranti, the birthday recipient will be thrilled with Joe’s exclusive Birthday Card Trick. Joe’s signature effect leaves the guest of honor with a memento they are sure to keep and a birthday memory like no other.

Word of mouth has brought us many Birthday party jobs as friends tell friends of the “Birthday Card Trick.” We are confident you will spread the word as well.

Hire Magician Boston Ma. 339-927-4710

Of course, Birthday parties are only one part of the entertainment we provide. Some others that come to mind are Wedding Cocktail hours, Corporate Cocktail Hours, Company Holiday Parties, Private Holiday Parties, Anniversaries…you get the idea.

Our mission is to bring magic entertainment to every type of adult function imaginable, and we can do that… if you “don’t stop thinking.”

Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti
Massachusetts Close-Up Magician

Boston’s Best Magician

Back to Work…kinda.

It’s not exactly breaking news that the entertainment industry has predominantly come to a halt. I have no idea how those who rely 100% on their income providing entertainment are surviving.

I used to receive multiple inquiries for work each week…more than enough to keep me busy during my retirement years. A few months ago that stopped…nothing.

I recently received an inquiry for an event in Rhode Island with attendance of 60 people. The number bothered me, there is a pandemic going on. So, I felt it was not worth the risk.

We all have to weigh the risks we personally take with consideration to any risk we may expose to others. I do see my actions can have consequence to others…I do not live in a bubble. (Almost a bubble 🙁 )

There is no magic number, but I was presented the opportunity to perform for 15 adults in a “safe” environment. At the time of the event the state of Massachusetts was doing well. I believe the risk was extremely low, and the reward extremely high.

So now, I wait…avoiding the public. If absolutely necessary I may adventure out at off hours, with my mask. Properly worn and fitted.

Stay Well!

32nd Annual Gail Singer Memorial Blood Drive!

Tuesday, August 25 from 9 am to 6 pm | Public Drive

Wednesday, August 26 from 9 am to 6 pm | Corporate Challenge Drive

Radisson Hotel & Expo Center | 700 Elm Street in Manchester, NH

I will be providing Magical Entertainment for my second year. If you want to donate, please drop by. The food is great and I’ll be there to entertain you. Hope to see you. Magician Joe Ferranti The Very Best in Close up Magic.