Happy New Year…2021

Massachusetts’ Close-Up MagicianHappy New Year 2021Most often we welcome a New Year with immediate expectations of turning the page and moving “onward and upward.” Unfortunately, we are unable to shake 2019,2020 of their impact on our lives. I certainly do not need to tell my story of how my business is on hold. Everyone on the planet has their own story to tell.

I am fortunate, I’ve lost some income and dearly miss human interactions of my magic performances in Boston and throughout Mass. So many have lost everything, there are no words that can convey the sadness we feel for the less fortunate.

In 2021, I look forward to performing at Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and 2021 Holiday parties. I want to shake hands, hug, (when appropriate)
I am ready for my vaccination, and will continue to cooperate until it is safe for everyone to move about freely without fear of harming my fellow humans.

The Magic of Joe Ferranti is ready to provide the Very Best in Close Up Magic and Parlor shows for your events. Let us reacquaint and celebrate whatever portion of 2021 remains for us to celebrate.
Best Wishes for a Safe and Healthy 2021!
Joe Ferranti

Boston Massachusetts Close Up Magician

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One Fun Week End!

A weekend of Magic

Somehow, it feels wrong to get paid for having so much fun. However, I’m not complaining. On a recent Friday I had the privilege of performing my style of walk around (strolling) Magic at a 40th birthday party.

Everybody is already in the right mood to be entertained. As the Magician, you run on the energy of the guests and they feed off of your enthusiasm. Some type of perpetual energy.

I enjoy the powerful reactions

You know it’s going to be a goodnight when guests from three different rooms come and surround you because of the loud reactions and applause. Some even follow you around the party in order not to miss anything new.

When the Birthday “boy” blew out the candle I was hoping he was wishing I could be forty again. No such luck! I hope he gets his wish.

Entertining Kids at an adult event

cute kids enjoy magic performance of Boston magician.Saturday evening, I find myself at a wedding reception. I know we will have children and adults. So I start with the kids. They were all just coloring quietly at their tables. That didn’t last long. They love sponge balls. What could be more magical? They appear, they disappear, they travel from here to there. They multiply, they fly into the children’s hands. What more could you ask for.

Adult Magic Entertainment

The adults around start watching and realize this might be fun for them as well, and it is. Coins, Cards, rubber bands. Organic props, everybody knows what they are. The crowd is a little more subdued than the night before. Don’t forget, the ages were five to seventy-five. I don’t have to tell the Magicians, but I always perform a special effect for the Wedding couple. I leave them with an impossible souvenir, which some put in their wedding albums.