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New Meaning…The Masked Magician

Do a Google search…for “masked magician”, I’m quite sure you won’t find me in the results. Yet there I was on September 6th, 2020, providing entertainment at a wedding reception at the Inn at Woodstock Hill in Connecticut. Wearing a Mask!

Of course, you know where this is going, and I don’t mean to “make light” of the global pandemic. But this is where we are. We still celebrate life’s important occasions; some weddings have been postponed and others go on with some changes.

The Bride was making preparations many months ago and I was contacted for availability…availability? Oh yes, at that time my calendar was empty, and I was happy to get on board.

As a vendor I always want my clients to be stress-free when working with me, especially at weddings. Look up stress and you’ll find a picture of a bride. It is by nature a beautiful day, with potential stress points laid out like landmines.

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I was working with a lovely young woman, and I didn’t want to add any stress. Knowing the future was uncertain I let her know, that she should feel free to cancel my service at any time, with no penalty and no explanations necessary. At the time of hire, no one had any idea of what size gathering would be permissible at an indoor facility months down the road.

So, we kept in touch as time passed, and we never needed to change anything.

I arrived and was supplied with a very nice mask/ face covering, as all the guests were.

My job was to entertain during the cocktail hour, and as usual, I shared a special effect with the Bride and Groom, which they enjoyed while being surrounded by their guests.

Wedding Entertainment Boston Mass.

The Cocktail period continued in the dining area and the guests enjoyed some hors d’oeuvres along with their cocktails…of course, they were able to remove their masks at this time.

Honestly, I never thought I would/could entertain while wearing a face-covering…I am so glad to say I was wrong. Everything proceeded well, the guests enjoyed the magic, and I had the opportunity to finish with a few more pieces for the Bride and Groom.

I know many magicians are testing the waters with “virtual entertainment” …That’s not for me.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a performance by “The Masked Magician.”

Stay Safe,                                                                                                                          Joe Ferranti

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Birthday at the Great Wall in Bedford, Ma.

As we get older, many of us would like not to have any more Birthdays. (Ponce De Leon Syndrome!) A brave few embrace their advancing age and continue to celebrate their good fortune to have so many friends and relatives to celebrate with. One positive thinking individual not only embraced it but took care of the expenses as well. Very generous I think. Not only that, the birthday girl, having achieved the age of advanced wisdom, hired The Magic of Joe Ferranti for the entertainment. (Wise indeed!) Enough of the promo…shameful! For those who don’t know of The Great Wall, it is a very nice restaurant on Great Rd. in Bedford, featuring Chinese Cuisine. I’ve been a patron as well, and will go back. The party had guests, ages from three to eighty three. Those aged sixteen and up find mutual pleasure in the same material. The younger shout and applaud a little louder, but our elder crowds enjoy good Magical Entertainment just as well. So far my Birthday ages have been, forty, fifty, sixty, and seventy. I missed an eightieth, as they went with an impersonator instead. (It’s your Birthday…I’m never pushy. Hire the entertainment that suits you best.) IMHO, you can’t go wrong with Magic…if you hire the right Magician.

Joe Ferranti The right Magical entertainer for your event.

No Challenge Magic

It’s human nature to seek knowledge of how things work. It separates chaos from order. Even if we don’t truly understand we may convince ourselves into believing false theories. What has this got to do with Magic, especially close up magic, where “miracles” are performed inches from our eyes? Well step back to separating chaos and order. It is perfectly natural for a layman to speculate how a Magician performs his feats of dexterity. (or is it dexterity) However if you are to truly enjoy the entertainment, it is the Magicians job to end this as quickly as possible. When performing strolling magic, I open with some pretty strong magic. I do not personally challenge my new friends, (spectators) to seek solutions. That is not the game I want to play. Why? Because that’s not entertainment.
Allow me to be blunt and courteous. Since I know every show, whether it be walk around magic or a formal parlor show. I will open with something strong. I refer to it as a Maze. Knowing what your mind will be doing the magic performance will send you in maze where you will go in a direction to try and figure out the how. As in a Maze, you will hit a wall, so you go in a different direction, yeah this must be the way to understanding. Bang, another wall. Eventually you will realize that there is no way out of the maze. You might as well relax and go for the ride, I assure it’s far more enjoyable. When you reach this point you can stop looking where you think I don’t want you to look, as you will not find the answer that you seek. Now I am not suggesting that you will believe it is “real Magic”. What I am suggesting is that we do the dance. I am the entertainer, so it’s my job to lead. I have to earn your trust that you will enjoy the Magic Dance. (and you will.) Joe Ferranti “ The Magician for all Occasions”