Some thoughts on the card to wallet:

For several years I have performed, Jim Swain’s Air Mail Card for all my adult Birthdays. Since I needed a no table method, I was fortunate to find a handling by Shaun Robison. (Done Crediting)

I am sharing the different reactions I got, compared to my present reaction. Now, I have always got good reactions, that’s not what I am addressing…just the difference.

I used to prepare the effect by writing Happy Birthday, with their name on the back of the card. In case you don’t know the routine, the selection is made, and the spectator signs their name on the face of their card. The effect proceeds into a “triumph” routine with their signed selection being the only face up card in a face down deck. I then explain that I have brought them a card for their Birthday, and as you would expect in the zipped compartment of the wallet is a card with Happy Birthday [name] on the back. At this moment the card is handed to the spectator…and more often than not, they anticipate that this will be their signed selection. This is a shocking moment, but still it is anticipated. You may even get the reaction of “No #^*N Way!” This is fine, I never had any complaints.

As years go on, I started printing Happy Birthday Balloons on a blank backed card. Resulting in a “more unique Memento.” I also feel this is slightly more “professional” (IMHO)

The next progression was to have the signed card in a sealed envelope. Years earlier I remember Jean Jacques Sanvert, on his L&L DVD set…saying that the sealed envelope was a stronger effect. So I decided to give it a shot. Of course, Mr. Sanvert knows of what he speaks…reactions up a couple of notches.

This brings me to the last year of performing the effect. Since I was taking the small amount of time to prep the envelope, I decided to add staples on all four side of the envelope. Why not, it requires no extra effort, maybe 45 seconds of my time.

I had no particular expectation…the reactions were already over the top, but I got a surprise. Now I’m not saying the reaction is “better”, what I am saying is this has changed “the moment” in a big way. As usual, I tell the spectator I have a birthday card for them. They undo the Zip…I remove the sealed and stapled envelope, tear it open and hand them their Birthday card. This gets a moment of silence…I believe they are thinking, “this is nice…some Happy B’day Balloons”. So far, no one has turned the card over in expectation of seeing their signature. I have to give a little prompt, and when they do…”Boom!” Personally, I enjoy this a little more. Either way I am sure the client is happy. See for yourself, here is a clip showing the reaction.

Thanks for reading.