Magic Musings

Rhythm Off/Out of Sync…Boston Magician Confessions!

Greater Boston Area Magician Joe Ferranti 339-927-4710 It is easy to relay stories of our successful, over-the-top “shows” … everything goes right, the reactions, applause, shouts of NFW tell the story. But…now and then I don’t quite get my footing. I never quite reach my comfort zone. Searching for a reason requires honest reflection. […]

Magic Musings

Fooling Kids…Fooling Adults…?

Fooling Kids…Fooling Adults… Who cares? Boston Massachusetts Magician 339-927-4710 OMG… I’vebeen pulled into this conversation. What a waste of my time, Yet… Magicians continue to discuss/debate/argue, whether it is easier to fool adults or children. (BTW, the overwhelming consensus is that children are harder to fool.) Why is this important? It is not! What […]

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