A Rare Performance During the Pandemic

 Boston’s Best Adult Birthday Magician

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So, here we are…February first. 2021. The pandemic is still a menace to the globe. I like many other entertainers am “running in the red.” It’s been a year without income, it will be the first time in years that I will not be sending a large check to the IRS in April. my expenses, even with serious cuts far out weigh the miniscule income. But don’t feel bad for me, my retirement income, along with my wife’s keeps a roof over our head with enough left for food.

Currently, two vaccines have been approved, with at least a couple more approaching on the horizon. I can hardly contain myself, but I must wait for my “turn”. You can see in the picture, I am using two masks. No one is really sure if this is beneficial. I come form the “more is better” school of thinking.
Last week I received a request for an adult Birthday performance. My response was to the point and succinct. “I perform with a mask and follow all guidelines of the State of Massachusetts.” the client assured me they take this virus seriously, and the number of guests would be below the limit. so we proceeded forward.
On January 31’st we were in the cross hairs of a Nor’ Easter, a major stumbling block for driving. This party was in jeopardy. The client contacted me and asked if it would be better to start early…I said, “yes, yes, yes!”
Honestly, the driving was not good…I took the back roads and drove very slowly. I made it there with only two minor skids.
what a pleasure to perform, it’s been so long. I don’t think the rust showed. We all had a good time, and I headed home. This time only one minor skid. I got in the door to the delight of my wife and dog.
I got changed out of my suit and relaxed in front of the TV. About an hour after I got home, the phone rings…guess who? It was Mike, the client. He was checking in to make sure I made it home safe. Wow, what a good human being. They are still out their. thanks Mike, you made my day. (Thank you for your more than generous tip as well.) I believe we will meet again.
Joe Ferranti
          The Miracle Finale performed by Massachusetts’ Magician Joe Ferranti

Waiting to return…

It’s been a couple months since my last performance. I miss the live interactions with clients.

Honestly…it seems I may never return to my “work.” I may never shake another hand, or experience the mere casual touches which make up respectful human interactions.

I have cancelled accounts which help with contacting potential clients. (Gig this or Gig that…) Their fees cost a substantial amount of money, but there was a return in having listings beyond my web site. No one is contacting me for events that can’t take place.

If I ever return, I hope you shop locally. That means, take the time to search out magicians and visit our web sites. Of course, price shop, compare experience, check the reviews…see some videos.(The videos tell the real story)

As I write this, I see a Wedding my wife and I were to attend in July. It has been postponed…I guess the Bride and Groom want real guests present, not virtual ones.

If and when you feel safe, give me a call or contact ferrantimagic.com

Hoping we meet soon.

All Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti
Close Up Strolling Magician
spectators at a table enjoying Boston Close Up Magician Joe Ferranti

Two, Three minutes…Maybe five!

I have a very short time to entertain a small group of people before I must move on to the next group. No time to spare, right? Right!

while others debate whether “Magic” is an art…or they want to make their audience feel the “awe” and experience wonder as if they were a child again. All lofty and worthy goals, but at my age and the type of Magic I perform, I have cut corners to simplify my work.

I have seen the magician who’s work is art. (Names are not important.) But my name will never be considered for the title “artist” and that’s O.K. because I will never deserve such a title. I will never strive to bring you the feeling of child like wonder, as that’s a tall order. I will also not try to take you away from the problems of your day. There are better methods than that of a brief encounter with a Close Up Magician. If you want to send someone back to another time, the quickest way to arouse that feeling is with music. We’ve all had that moment when we here an old song and we recall the joy or pain that is triggered, and attached to an emotion we weren’t having a moment before. If you need to get away from the daily grind, perhaps meditation, or Yoga, and you can afford it, a vacation to the ocean.

I will tell you, there are magicians who achieve all these things, but my experience tells me you will see this on a stage, where they have all your attention and the time to create their personal fantasy to take you…to who knows where.

I’m just saying, I can’t do that in three minutes. My goal is simple, insure you have fun and are treated with respect. I want you to smile, perhaps laugh or scream. And finally, if I can get you to remember me, perhaps my name as well, but maybe I’m asking too much.

Ahhh, the life of the strolling magician, the court jester perhaps…in it as a choice. The rewards…try it out, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Joe Ferranti
Walk Around/Strolling Magician in Massachusetts

Turning 60…Happy Birthday

So your husband is turning 60…congratulations.

You have many ways to celebrate. You might have a quiet dinner together. Maybe you will throw a party with your friends, either at home or a restaurant. Maybe you can add a little music? I’ve got an idea, how about a Professional Magician. That would make for an unforgettable event.

I know what you are thinking; you are a Magician you’re just trying to sell your services. Well yes, I’m not so much selling as suggesting a consideration of what I can provide. There is no doubt that any of the above suggestions would be a good time. Nobody would even suggest that something was missing, because nothing was. So why bring Joe Ferranti, one of the top Magicians in Boston to your celebration? Gee, I want to remain humble, of course it would be wrong for me to tell you I can make a difference. So I won’t, just listen to my clients.

It would have just been a “nice dinner” without you, but you took it up to the highest level of fun, with your showmanship and professionalism (not to mention, great sense of humor). You made all of the age groups at the party enjoy our very special evening, by giving each and every guest special attention. Again, thanks so much for the life-long wonderful memory. That’s really nice; I couldn’t have put it better without sounding like I have a fat head. You were so professional, prompt, kind, and fun! We all truly enjoyed your show and you! Thank you for making our sons milestone birthday a great one!

How about…
Joe is by far one of the best magicians in this area.
That was really sweet, anymore?
We hired Joe for my husband’s 60th birthday party and we are so glad we did!
OMG, this guy is great! But there is more…
Thank you so very much for working your magic at my husband’s party. Everyone, and I mean everyone loved watching you do your craft! You added that something special to the event!
I’m starting to get tears in my eyes.
Mr. Ferranti really made my best friend’s birthday unique, fun and really special. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
My goodness, now I see it…you take it to a different level.
Right, but how could I say that about myself?

Joe Ferranti “One of the Top Magicians in Boston.”

Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Birthdays

I just heard that retailers make 40% of their sales during the Holidays. I don’t keep percentages,
But I know Magic performances have been nonstop. I’ve been to Portsmouth N.H., Manchester Ma. , Haverhill, Needham, and of course Boston. (And many more.)

Two days after Christmas I have back to back performances. Thank goodness the times didn’t clash. I can’t turn down a repeat client. In this business they become friends.

This is an enjoyable season with many celebrations. Speaking outside of entertainment, I’ve never been to a celebration that wasn’t a fun time. Most social occasions are naturally cheerful, but when you add a professional Magical entertainer, the event very well may become a lasting memory. I have heard from couples, how a souvenir from me is in their Wedding Album. Others have shown me that they carry around a playing card from a past performance. I receive so much more than money from my clients. Thank you for a great year, and I can’t wait to meet new friends in 2015.

Joe Ferranti Boston area Magician


I am my own Magician. I just threw away a lot of top Hats. I thought I was supposed to do everything for everyone, but I can’t, and don’t need to. I visit other Magician’s web sites. Lots of glitter, bells and whistles, with Services for every aspect of the magician’s craft. Now it’s not my place to be knocking other Magicians. Maybe they provide services at the highest standard, meaning they are: Magicians, clowns, balloon twisters, stage magicians, strolling magicians, corporate magicians…you get the idea? I do two things, yes two, but they play well in a lot of markets. Thing Number One, The Strolling Magician: This means I do close up Magic, and I do it very well thank you. Also I don’t need a table. Just one thing, but it plays in innumerable markets. To name just a few, any party or gathering of people in a common place. This includes business and pleasure, the family Holiday party, the Corporate Holiday party, the small business holiday party, and on it goes. From A-Z…Zoo Openings. As I previously said, this covers any gathering of people who would like commercial entertainment. You can figure out the rest…Weddings…
Thing Number Two, The Parlor Magician: Sounds dull, not by a long shot. Three related shows. One show that runs thirty minutes, another at forty five, and finally one hour. Hopefully, I can provide solid entertainment for everyone’s budget. Parlor? What does parlor mean? Very simple, I stand up in front a group of people who are seated in chairs and I perform solo magic, interactive magic, fun magic, Comedy magic. Laughter and amazement on one plate. So where does this play? In all the situations of Thing Number One: with the exception that the audience is seated. I do just two things that play well in more situations than you can imagine. Sorry, you’ll need to hire somebody else to twist those balloons. You see, I only do two things that play well at more events than you can imagine. Joe Ferranti:Magician