Award Winning Magician

Boy that sounds great! Wish I could put that on my web site. I suppose I could, but I never won an award. So you’re looking at two web sites. One says award winning Magician. The other doesn’t. Which one would you hire? OMG, I lose another job. Well since I don’t have any awards, I hope you would look a little deeper. Magic clubs give out numerous awards for reasons other than the Magicians ability to entertain. So what to do? First if the award is not specified, ignore it. Now on the other hand, If you see winner of F.I.S.M., Close Up Magician of the year at the Magic Castle, Winner of IBM, competition,…well, hire that magician quick. (If you can afford it.) On the other hand if it just says award winning Magician…skip over the claim and come over to my web site. Most awards are feel good pieces of paper. There was no competition, just an acknowledgment that they provided a service to their club. It’s a really nice way to say thank you.

I’m too old to win any awards anyway. Good Competitions are for the young. Remember when you were young? Everything was a competition. Every time you ran with a friend it was a race. I’ve seen some competitions. These guys and girls work very hard putting together new and novel routines. They earn the right to wear the badge with honor. Yes, even tell you about it on their web site. I admire many of these hard workers. They are talented. Did I come off as jealous, I hope not because I try to support all Magicians. I just never won an award. I did get a pin for my jury duty service. Maybe I’ll put it on my lapel. If you don’t look too close it looks pretty important. BTW, if you want to hear your guests laughing, clapping, having a good time….call me. I’ll put on my jury duty pin and knock their socks off. Guaranteed! Joe Ferranti “The Magician for All Occasions”