My Formal Magic Show

Cabaret Magician Boston Massachusetts

Cabaret/Parlor Magician MassachusettsMy magic performances are Mix and Mingle (Strolling/ Walk around Magic) for most venues. For example, Holiday parties, weddings, cocktail performances and adult birthday parties. Although I am thoroughly rehearsed, my performances appear impromptu because of the close and natural interactions with my audience.

What is a Parlor Show?

I had no intention of moving up to the stage. So I made a compromise. It all came out of an inquiry to do a formal parlor Magic show. Are there benefits? Well yes, it gives me another opportunity to perform Magic in a unique style which is very satisfying. I still interact with my audience. Whether Strolling or The Intimate Parlor Show, they both feature Close-Up Magic.

Constructing The Parlor Show

I drew from some of my significant influences and put together a show which combines Magic and Laughter, but most of all, continued interaction with my audience.

The show is getting great reactions, but I am not done. I continue making adjustments. The foundation is sound. Still, I will vary a few pieces in search of the strongest magic show I can present.

The last result will come from many performances. Honing everything, including the comedy. Listening to my audience is my ultimate aid.

Joe Ferranti

Magician Massachusetts