Two, Three minutes…Maybe five!

I have a very short time to entertain a small group of people before I must move on to the next group. No time to spare, right? Right!

while others debate whether “Magic” is an art…or they want to make their audience feel the “awe” and experience wonder as if they were a child again. All lofty and worthy goals, but at my age and the type of Magic I perform, I have cut corners to simplify my work.

I have seen the magician who’s work is art. (Names are not important.) But my name will never be considered for the title “artist” and that’s O.K. because I will never deserve such a title. I will never strive to bring you the feeling of child like wonder, as that’s a tall order. I will also not try to take you away from the problems of your day. There are better methods than that of a brief encounter with a Close Up Magician. If you want to send someone back to another time, the quickest way to arouse that feeling is with music. We’ve all had that moment when we here an old song and we recall the joy or pain that is triggered, and attached to an emotion we weren’t having a moment before. If you need to get away from the daily grind, perhaps meditation, or Yoga, and you can afford it, a vacation to the ocean.

I will tell you, there are magicians who achieve all these things, but my experience tells me you will see this on a stage, where they have all your attention and the time to create their personal fantasy to take you…to who knows where.

I’m just saying, I can’t do that in three minutes. My goal is simple, insure you have fun and are treated with respect. I want you to smile, perhaps laugh or scream. And finally, if I can get you to remember me, perhaps my name as well, but maybe I’m asking too much.

Ahhh, the life of the strolling magician, the court jester perhaps…in it as a choice. The rewards…try it out, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Joe Ferranti
Walk Around/Strolling Magician in Massachusetts

Thirty Feet Away from the Red Sox Rolling Rally

If you just climbed from under a rock, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series on October 30th. So we’ve got these Duck Boats from some war and they go on tours throughout the city of Boston. Since 2004, it’s been a great way for fans to gather throughout the city to celebrate the victories. Great, I never go, don’t much like crowds.

Flashback to September 6th, 2013. I agree to perform my Magic/Comedy for a great company. (Apollo Professional solutions) Their nationwide corporate event will take place at The Omni Parker House in Boston. My show starts at 10:30 A.M. on November 2nd. No problem, I’ll leave my house around 9:00 A.M. and arrive approximately an hour before ShowTime. (Insert NOT Joke here, if you are still doing the Not! Jokes.)

So long story, long…some of the Boston Streets are closing for the Rolling Rally. One of them is Tremont St. It just happens The Omni Parker house is located on the Corner of School St. and Tremont St. Holy Crap! I have to set an alarm, rise and shine at 5:15 A.M. to make sure I beat the crowds and the street closings. I’ve never missed a job, and I wasn’t going to start on this day.

So, at 10:30 I’m performing in the Kennedy room…seems John F. Kennedy got engaged there, had his bachelor party there. (I’ll bet they knew how to throw a bachelor party, those crazy Kennedys. Around 11:15 the procession is passing by us on Tremont St. You could hear the crowds clapping and cheering, of course the audience joked that it was for me. (Not!)

I finished my program in time that the fans in the room could run out to the street and see the end of the Rally. Pretty much everybody went out. I stayed inside; it’s my habit to pack up immediately after a show. I had some company, the group attending from St. Louis didn’t seem to have too much of an interest. Another great day in Boston, performing Magic as the Red Sox celebrated their third World series victory since 2004.