The Close Up Strolling Magician

I often reply to inquiries for Magical services/entertainment with little no information of the type of Magic they are looking for. Of course, some are unaware there are so many types to choose from.
These are the types most clients are looking for.

The Stage Magician: The Stage Magician can entertain hundreds of people at a performance. For best visibility a stage is desirable, in an auditorium with theater type seating.

The Parlor Magician: The Parlor Magician will entertain less people than a stage Magician. This depends on the venue, but remember you will need seating for your audience. Also you will book your entertainment for a time that you feel will suit your audience or specific event. Usually thirty minutes at least and most often not more than an hour.

The Close up Magician: The close up Magician should be hired to entertain at an event with significantly less people. The Magician will often be seated at a table, so consider how many people will be able to have a good view of the action. Inability to watch can be boring and annoying.
There are Magicians who will entertain standing, but again carefully choose the number who will be in attendance…and yes, they will also need seats.

The Strolling Magician: (Probably the most talented of all 😉 Just kidding, this is what I do.)
The Strolling Magician will perform for groups of people at any type of social occasion, moving throughout the venue providing entertainment for your guests. He/she will not need a table; your audience will usually be engaged in casual conversation and will welcome professional close up magic, performed right before their eyes.

That’s the nuts and bolts, but consider the occasions where this is desirable. (Adult Birthday parties, Weddings, Holiday parties, all cocktail situations, corporate events, Fund raisers, graduations, anniversaries, …you can finish the list.

Keep in mind your guests, will be laughing and amazed all at the same time. (See videos) They will tell you how much they enjoyed the entertainment. If you are the one in charge for the entertainment for the company Holiday party, you will receive many pats on the back.

Of course I personally enjoy this entertainment and am privileged to have been able to perform it for so many people. And as long as I have been performing there are very few who have ever seen “professional close Up Magic.” This is suitable for young adults to senior citizens. This is not your children’s party magician, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just another branch of Magical entertainment.

I hope this is helpful in understanding exactly what you might expect when hiring a Magician for your event. If I can help you, contact or call 339-927-4710 and leave a message for Joe.