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Close-Up|Parlor and Stage Magic in Boston Massachusetts

I often reply to inquiries for Magical services/entertainment with little to no information about the type of Magic they are looking for. Of course, some are unaware there are so many types to choose from.
These are the types most clients are looking for.

The Stage Magician:

The Stage Magician can entertain hundreds of people at a performance. For best visibility, a stage is desirable, in an auditorium with theater type seating.

Lighting, sound and video screens are all additions that can enhance the experience for the audience.

The Parlor Magician: 

  Joe Ferranti Magic/Comedy Parlor Show Boston Massachusetts

The Parlor Magician will entertain fewer people than a stage Magician. This depends on the venue, but remember, you will need seating for your audience. Also, you will book your entertainment for a time that you feel will suit your audience or specific event. Thirty minutes at least and most often an hour.

The Magician can have a seat at a table, so consider how many people will have an excellent view of the action. Inability to see clearly is seriously detrimental. Those that lack the ability to see the action will lose interest fast..

There are Magicians who will entertain standing, but again carefully choose the number who will be in attendance.

The Close up / Strolling Magician Boston Massachusetts

This style of entertainment is ideal where your guests are standing. Often there are high top tables. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres are likely to be served. The events are casual, although you will find this entertainment at large corporate gatherings. This is a time for the attendees to enjoy the company of their colleagues, not to conduct business.

You may also consider this entertainment for private parties, like Christmas, holidays, graduations and more.

My recommendation is to hire a Close-Up magician to entertain at events with 50- 200 people in attendance. I estimate these numbers, which will determine the length of service you will need.

One Magician can entertain 50- 100 guests. You may need advice for the length of service. The goal is for the magician to entertain everyone in attendance.

When you get into the higher numbers, it is best to hire two magicians. They will work in different parts of the room with the same goal to bring entertainment to all your guests. Again, you will probably need advice on the duration of the service.

Close-Up Magic, Parlor Magic, Stage Magic

I provide Strolling Close-Up Magic and an intimate Comedy Parlor Show.

I hope this is helpful in understanding what you should expect when hiring a Magician for your event. If I can help you, contact or call 339-927-4710 and leave a message for Joe. I will get back to you soon.

Boston’s Best Close-Up and Parlor Magician Joe Ferranti

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