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Working as the sole proprietor of The Magic of Joe Ferranti

Shocked spectator reacts to Boston Massachusetts The Best in Magic Entertainment' magician Joe Ferranti
                              You Will be Awe Struck!

Things can get really busy in my office in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Or my office in Boston. In reality, I do not live in Boston. Neither do some of my competitors, who list a “Boston address” to get a boost in local SEO. It is a “black hat” practice. My “office” is wherever I am, either at my desktop or anywhere in my home with my Chromebook.

The website specialist.

I had the good fortune to have a good friend get my website off the ground. He made it possible for me to pursue my work in the magic field. And is still on hand to help me out of trouble from time to time. Today I can operate the basics of the site, adding blogs, pictures and video… but I never forget those who carried me along the way.

Boston Magician, also the secretary and booking agent.

My secretary rarely complains, mostly because I don’t have one. I’m not complaining, but I answer all the calls, negotiate all bookings, and keep a meticulous calendar, avoiding potential conflicts.

I set my calendar to remind me of all events, one week in advance, and daily reminders until the event. Keeping a physical calendar and a printout of a map for each gig is a reliable backup, as well as important information regarding the event. For driving I use my iPhone, apple maps will get me where I need to be.

Arriving at your event.

I will always arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Some events have no flexibility when the entertainment is to begin. I may arrive one hour before a wedding performance. Why risk being late? There is no way I can make it up to the Bride and groom if I am late. I promise to get it right.

Payment comes after your total satisfaction.

I want to make paying for my services convenient to my clients. Accepting cash and check is easy for me. If you want to use a credit card, I can send you an invoice for payment to my PayPal account.

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