The One Man Band

Things can get real busy in my office in Wilmington, Ma. BTW, I don’t have an office I’m in my home.
My secretary rarely complains, mostly because I don’t have one. I’m not complaining, but I answer all the calls, negotiate all bookings, and keep a meticulous calendar. (God forbid I book two events at the same time.)

Rule # 1. Caller: Hi, is this Joe Ferranti the Magician? I was hoping to have a magician in (fill in City) Ma. Joe “Could you hold on one minute, I’m going to my computer and check my calendar.”
Isn’t that nice, I’ve never double booked. I’ve never missed a job. I’ve set my calendar to remind me of all events, two weeks in advance, one week in advance, two days in advance, and finally one day in advance. I’d have to be in a coma to forget your event. So I’m going around the barn door to pat myself modestly on the back. Here’s my message of the week. When you hire Joe Ferranti, Magican for all occasions. Relax, put your feet up. I’ll be there, at least 30 minutes in advance.