The Winter Ball & Magic

What a pleasure it was to perform at the University Of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. The Magic of Joe Ferranti and his associate, Magician Evan Northrup worked at a rapid pace in order to entertain the three hundred guests in attendance. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the brightest minds in science and Medicine.

I’ve been asked if I have to change the type of material when performing for such intelligent cliental. The short answer is…No. Just do your usual material. If the entertainment is valid and professional it will entertain from the street to Royalty.

One difference was we were dressed in tuxedos as were the guests. So from time to time a waitress would approach to offer me a glass of wine. Which I politely declined as it is extremely unprofessional to drink while you are working.

My compliments to the event planners. They were the real Magicians, planning each event to segue into the next, seamlessly into one coherent celebration of the season.