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The Winter Ball Featuring the Magic of Joe Ferranti

The University of Massachusetts annual Winter Ball

attendees at The Winter Ball University of Massachusetts The Best in Magic Entertainment
Celebrating the Winter Ball

It was a pleasure to perform at the University of Massachusetts Medical School,for the annual Winter Ball. With three hundred people in attendance, it was a busy night performing Close-Up Magic.

Presenting the Best in Close-Up Magic in Massachusetts

Whenever performing for doctors or engineers, people wonder if they are harder to “fool“. I guess their advanced degrees should provide them with an ability to understand how the “Magic” is accomplished. The premise makes sense. Fortunately, for us magicians evryone can be entertained with well structured commercial magic.

Properly dressed for all events

One difference was we dressed in tuxedos, as were the guests. So from time to time, a server would approach to offer me a glass of wine. Thinking I was a guest, which is understandable as I make my way to different guests. I politely decline, as it is unprofessional as well as unwise to drink while you are working.

My thanks to the event planners for choosing me to provide a bit of “Magic” to their event. They were the real Magicians, planning a celebration this size requires some magic abilities I will never possess. Well Done!

Joe Ferranti

Close-Up Magician Boston Massachusetts

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