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Thirty Feet Away from the Red Sox Rolling Rally

Red Sox Rolling Rally November 2nd, 2013

Boston Red Sox World Series Rolling Rally The Best in Magic Entertainment Boston Red Sox world Series Rolling Rally
                               Boston Red Sox World Series Rolling Rally

Just Another Job…I Thought.

On September 6th, 2013. I agreed to perform my Magic/Comedy Show for Apollo Professional solutions. The event will take place at The Omni Parker House in Boston. My show starts at 10:30 A.M. on November 2nd. No problem, I’ll leave my house around 9:00 A.M. and arrive approximately one hour before Show Time.

Omni Parker House 60 School St Boston MA 02108 The Best in Magic Entertainment

The Omni Parker House

Things Change, Red Sox win 2013 World Series

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series on October 30th. So we’ve got these Duck Boats from World  War II and they go on tours throughout the city of Boston. Since 2004, it’s been a great way for fans to gather throughout the city to celebrate the victories.The boats, travel a predetermined route and the fans line those streets to see the Champions, theire wives and family, team coaches and the manager.

Fans arrive early to stake out their spots, and the streets will be closed before I can arrive at my job…unless, I set my alarm at 5:00 A.M. to ensure I can arrive at the hotel before the streets are blocked off.

So long story, long… some of the Boston Streets are closing for the Rolling Rally. One of them is Tremont St. It just happens. The Omni Parker house is on the Corner of School St. and Tremont St.

So, at 10:30 I’m performing in the Kennedy room… seems John F. Kennedy got engaged there, they held his bachelor party there. I’ll bet they knew how to throw a bachelor party, those wild Kennedys. But, I digress.

Around 11:15, The Red Sox rolling rally is passing by us on Tremont St. You could hear the crowd’s clapping and cheering during my performance. Of course, the audience joked it was for me. We all agreed to pause my show and take to the streets to watch the local heroes pass by.

The group attending from St. Louis didn’t seem to have too much of an interest. Their team,The Cardinals were defeated by the Red Sox in this very same World Series.

Another great day in Boston, performing Magic as the Red Sox celebrated their third World series victory since 2004.


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