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The Wedding Magician Boston Massachusetts

No matter your budget, you have likely spent more money than you expected. It is difficult to compromise on a celebration as important as “your Wedding Day.”

Why do I suggest hiring a Close up/Strolling Magician for your special day… and why you won’t regret it.

Having a Magician at your Wedding.

First, this is a gift to your guests… yes; you will hear from your guests how much they enjoyed the entertainment. In fact, I sometimes tell this to your guests. Magic entertainers are “new” to most people…in their enthusiasm; some feel the need to tip the Magician. Although this is a kind and generous offer, I know other groups are watching. If people see me taking money from guests, they may mistakenly think that I am working for tips. I do not want anyone to feel an obligation or feel I am soliciting donations.

Tipping entertainers at a wedding

Tipping is a sensitive area, so I tread carefully. It is also possible to insult someone if you harshly turn them down. If the Newly Weds see me taking money from their guests, they may think that I’m encouraging the compensation.

Here is how I handle this situation: “Thank you very much, however, the entertainment is a gift from Dick and Jane to their guests.” In this manner, they understand that the Bride and groom have hired me to provide entertainment, and they have paid me for my services.

Cocktail Magician Boston Massachusetts

Speaking of the cocktail hour, it is often a little awkward with many people who have not met… the Close Up Magician can get strangers interacting with each other, and often continue their conversation after I have moved on.

Your Wedding is not a cookie cutter wedding. Most weddings follow a formula. If you’ve been to several, many will seem much alike, and they blend in as a monotone memory.

Your Wedding will stand out… to borrow a phrase from my fellow magicians. “We will elevate your event to the next level.”
I certainly think that is enough reason to invite me to your wedding. I will not disappoint you… that is a promise.

Joe Ferranti Boston Magician

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