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Wedding Season in the Northeast

A magical day calls for a little extra magic.

New England Wedding Magician Joe Ferranti

I know people are getting married throughout the year, but so many are booked for June, It’s a Wedding Planners Dream.

So many decisions, too many decisions, so much stress, relax and breathe deep.
In our own little worlds, the globe revolves around each of us, even though we know it’s not true. I am one of many Wedding Magicians in Boston and Ma. I’m not here to tell you I’m the best. (Just one of the best.)

Walk Around Magic during the Cocktail hour

As you go through your list of priorities, the Magician may come after the Photo Booth. I know we are near the bottom… and that’s O.K. every event has a budget, and there is a point where the money shuts down. I totally understand, I live on a budget myself. If you find there’s not enough money to hire a Magician, that’s fine, I’m sure you will have a wonderful celebration.

Your Magician will be the smallest part of your budget

However, if your budget allows, a magician may be your best bargain for entertainment.  You can take your event to an entirely different level for your guests. You can give them a gift of the most unique form of entertainment available.

My only Advice is to shop with knowledge. Insure that your Magician is a specialist in the Close Up/ Walk Around style of Magic. If you leave it in the hands of an agency, don’t just allow them to send over someone who is available on your day. In fact, if you can make the time, a google search for wedding magicians in your area should bring you to several web sites of competent Magicians.

I’ll leave you with one tip, find out if the Magician will be performing a “Special Effect” for the Bride and Groom. If they hesitate for a second, hang up. We all do, and anyone of us could tell you which one it is. Trust me. I only lie when I am working.

Joe Ferranti

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