Weddings, Birthdays, Fundraisers…

Wow, I have been busy. (That’s a good thing for any close up Magician.) Even now I’m booking into Halloween and Christmas parties. Return to school College parties should be coming…don’t know what’s up there…please call.

I always set reasonable goals, I’m sure that’s not how to do it. To rephrase Donald Trump, “If you are going to dream you might as well dream big.” I suppose that’s one of numerous differences between Donald and I. (Gotta admit he’s got something going for him.)

I think I’ve got something going as well. Unfortunately the best usually comes out when I’m entertaining at any event. That’s the easy part (See my testimonials

The hard part is the business part. I get the show part; I’m a little weak on the business. That means I don’t come on too strong when selling myself. Do I lack confidence? Not as a professional Walk Around Magician. (AKA Street Magician) Just a little bit in the “bragging” department. I envy the person who can convince the world they can walk on water. Problem is they really can’t deliver.

Have to go now, I just did a test and I’m a little wet as I attempted a stroll on my brother’s swimming pool. (Note to self: (Can’t Walk on Water.)

Joe Ferranti: Professional Walk Around Magician, Mass. and beyond.