Who is really the Best!

I’ve talked about, the Best Magician in Boston, The Best Magician in Mass., The Best Magician in New England, and on and on it goes. Humility won’t get you work in this business. When you are good, a little bragging is O.K., no harm done. The client is happy and that is truly the bottom line. When your claims go beyond what you can deliver, disaster strikes for everyone. Even those not involved. I know Magicians who advertise a Stage Show, Corporate Magician, Balloon Twister, Face Painter, Sleight of Hand Expert, Children’s Birthday Parties, and Gambling Demonstrations. Really! I don’t think so. As an innocent client, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Good news, it’s becoming easier. We all have a page dedicated to testimonials. Honest to God, I don’t write them myself, but how are you to know?

The proof is in the photos or videos. You do not have to rely totally on the written word. The best testimonial is the live video. This tells the story. You will see the reactions of the performance. You need not see the entire performance, but you will get a feel. There should be a sampling of every claim.
I am currently at work, lining up some live shots of my work. You deserve it. You should demand it.
Every time, any of us leave a client totally satisfied, they will say, “You are the best.” In truth, not bloody likely, but it’s nice to hear. Keep your ego in check, we’re all the “best” when the client receives full value for their investment. When they don’t, we all pay the price. If they don’t tell you you’re the best, please stop working. You’re not ready yet. Oh!!! Best Wishes,
Joe Ferranti the Best Magician in (insert city)