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Considering your choices for entertainment, thank you for taking the time to peruse the benefits of bringing Boston Magician, Joe Ferranti to your event.

The Magic of Joe Ferranti has successfully brought his unique style of magical entertainment to corporate and private events for over ten years. We are proud to have many repeat clients. This being a sign of client satisfaction, we are confident we can do the same for you. If this sounds appealing to you, let’s talk.

Our success is not luck, but a matter of design and experience. The successful Close Up Magician does not perform random “tricks”. The professional entertainer constructs, and routines the best in commercial magic. As a result, we bring you seamless entertainment that has been extensively audience-tested and guaranteed to please.

In short, as a client, you can feel secure that you are not “rolling the dice” for your entertainment.

We guarantee a positive and magical experience for your guests.

To ensure your satisfaction we will work with you before your event. No detail is too small. We listen to you closely as we have only one chance to get it “right.”

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When you hire The Magic of Joe Ferranti, you will hear plenty of laughter during his performance. You may think that our focus is on comedy entertainment.

Although, Joe does have a good sense of humor…most often the laughter comes at the moment of surprise. In comedy, this is the punch line. ( a moment of surprise) In magic, it is also the moment of surprise. The “Magic Moment”, when the impossible becomes a reality.

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti Should be the Close Up Magician for your event.

Respect for your guests:

Generating laughter at the expense of assistants in their audience is far too common among magicians. It is a cheap laugh, but many do it. As a result, your guests will be uncomfortable.

Joe interacts humorously with those taking part, however, no one ever feels “foolish.”

Establishing your trust before your event begins allows you to focus on other aspects of your event. 

As one of the Best Strolling Magicians in Massachusetts, no one will suit your entertainment needs more than Joe Ferranti’s Magical Stylings.

Close-Up Magic:

We focus on one form of magic… Close up Magic! Whether it be Strolling/Walk Around or the Intimate Parlor Show. The Magic will happen up close. In addition, the spectators will take part. Often finding that the magic happens in their own hands.

Whatever reason you have to celebrate, elevate it with a “touch of Magic.” 

The Very Best in Close – Up Magic/ Guaranteed! 

Call today for your free consultation. 339-927-4710

        “Honestly, I can’t think of a flaw… He’s that professional.”

Boston's Best Magician, Joe Ferranti entertains with magic.

As one of Boston’s Best Magicians, Joe Ferranti is in high demand for corporate and private events.

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For over ten years, we have entertained countless audiences for many corporate and private events. All with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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