The Card Magician

I know some people get nervous when they feel the majority of you performance will be “Card Tricks” I understand, and would like to put you at ease when the deck of cards comes into view. First off, these aren’t your Grandfather’s card tricks. No dealing piles and re-dealing piles, and re-dealing piles. Cards aren’t just for “finding “anymore. They turn inside out, change visibly before your eyes, end up unexpectedly in a pocket or wallet, a sealed envelope. Perhaps a little mind reading too.

As I tend not to be presumptuous, I call them “Card Tricks.” (So does David Copperfield.) Yes, I could call them “Card Magic”. But you know that presumptuous thing. I do know from experience that you will tell people about the things you saw happen. That’s just the way it is. Imagine 52 little pieces of card stock can make you laugh and shout with surprise, rising to a crescendo of applause.

I have a friend in England, Paul Gordon who works exclusively with cards. He is tremendously successful. If not for any other reason, the great professional strolling magicians bring an enthusiasm which is engaging.

By the way, I don’t take any chances; I’ll have some coins, dollar bills and rubber bands. All everyday objects which behave in a way that is astonishing. No magic props, this is as close as you can get to the real deal…but we’ll just have a lot of fun together.

Joe Ferranti “The Magician for All Occasions.”